Evan Wilson’s Giulietta Book

Evan Wilson’s ‘Alfa Romeo Giulietta: 750 and 101 series Giuliettas and Giulias, 1954-1965’, originally published in 1983 is regarded by many as among the finest books about these cars, and even now,  prices reflect this.  It’s no wonder really, Evan’s narration is crisp, insightful and funny.  This year a revised and updated hardcover version of this book was released and is available through Lulu for $34.95. (or on aBay if you care to spend about $55!).

The ‘collector car market’ tracking mentioned in the above description comes from giuliettas.com

Among the revisions and updates is a section about Yours Truly: Giuliettas dot com.  Evan interviewed me about 18 months ago, spent some time with the site and produced a flattering bit of work.  Also included is a series of tables culled from my market pieces, a matrix of conditions, locations and values.  If you dig Giulietta’s (and Giuliettas) then you should get yourself a copy of this book.


17 thoughts on “Evan Wilson’s Giulietta Book

  1. Thanks, Matt, for your nice review of Giulietta. That’s probably why I’ve seen a spike in sales in the last few days. Your readers may like to know that I’ve recently added wiring diagrams for all models. That’s one of the nice things about print-on-demand; you can update your book — daily even if that’s what floats your boat. B.T.W.: My Giulietta was 15th in Lulu’s top hundred titles in their science and the humanities category.

    • Evan, Pretty cool you can update on the fly. I’ve been meaning to write this forever, started it a few times and finally just felt like a lazy jerk and had to dash it off. Been tremendously busy with running 2 start ups, having a kid on the way and more.


  2. I didn’t realise that Evan had produced an update of his great work, thanks Matt. I bought my Osprey copy in ’83 and still refer to it regularly. Looking forward to receiving my new edition, just ordered from Lulu. How can I get a link to add to AROCA (Australia) sites, I don’t think too many members are aware of this new issue and I am sure there would be plenty of interest.

    • About last November and certainly no more recently than February I shipped a promotional copy of my revised updated Giulietta to Andrew Murray in Mount Hawthorn (Western Australia 6016) for the Australian Club’s use as per their Website. I had difficulty deciphering who’s where in Australia; there seemed to be multiple addresses for their Alfa club(s) — or maybe there’s no national club. AROCA’s Cross and Serpent is referenced on page 59 of my new book. If people want to give me authoritative information on how and to whom to bestow a book on the national club’s library, I’d certainly consider it.

      • Hi Evan. Yes there are multiple addresses for the AROCA. There are state divisions. I am a member of the queensland division. Qld contacts are:
        Magazine Editor Rory McClelland, editor@arocaqld.com ,
        Qld Webmaster: Keith Faulkner, webmaster@arocaqld.com
        The national contacts are in Victoria, They don’t list email addresses unfortunately so the only way I can suggest to contact them would be to go to the website: http://www.alfaclubvic.org.au where they have a committee contact page to email to. Good luck with increasing sales, I am looking forward to my new edition. Gavin

      • Hi Evan,
        The Australian Alfisiti community is large and as Gavan Indicated in his previous post, State based – Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales all have state based and administered chapters. We liaise quite closely with each other. (ACT have a chapter and Tasmania are aligned with their Victorian cousins). I am the Secretary of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club for Victoria. We have aproximately 950 paid up members and our magazine Cross & Serpent is a 64 page colour bi-monthly. The Victorain website Gavan mentioned is the defacto Australia wide forum. http://www.alfaclubvic.org.au. I would encourage all overseas Alfisiti to login and contribute to a post of interest.

        Gavan, well done on your book, I ordered one yesterday on Lulu after Mat notified us of it. Thank you for your dedication to the marque. Please send me an offline email and I will include you on the mailing list for our Cross & Serpent magazine. (Go to contacts on http://www.alfaclubvic.org.au website and select the “secretary”).
        Best Regards
        Phil Nash

  3. Add another ordered via Lulu for Australia due to Matt’s site!
    Best Regards
    101 1600 Spider
    (Would love an SS if anyone knows of a RHD one somewhere!)

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