Market 335: Clean 1600 Spider Veloce

Giulia Spider Veloce 1600 AR390532, 00121*02129 This car is available right now from Fantasy Junction in Emeryville California -my local candy store. These 1600 Veloce’s are highly sought after, having lots of power and flexibility due to the Veloce spec 1600 shared with the Sprint Speciale, the legendary handling of the Alfa Spiders, great brakes and all the Veloce goodies.  Survivor-ship of this rare model is pretty high if my register is any indication.  Asking price is $68,500.

Considering FJ only deals in the finest examples, this car is as expected.  Clean, straight, detailed and ready for the road.  All chrome bits have been restored.

FJ has been using this location for years to take pictures.  A visit to their showroom reveals walls of photographs going back a long time -back to when this car would have been $9000!  Door fit is excellent.  Line formed by the rocker trim and bumper wrap-arounds is perfect.

Sold new in California and still retains its’ black plate.  This car probably sat beside the then-new Duetto on the showroom floor when purchased.  One can only imagine the test drives and comparisons.  “Can we interest you in this 2 year old TZ2?”. 

Description mentions leather.  Gauges are restored.  Rear view mirror is correct.  Very tidy.  I need to get my finances in order so I can get something this nice.

Neat approach to speakers, unobtrusive -stylish even!  There is a school of thought about the exhaust note being soundtrack enough, but I’ve never heard ‘Strange Fruit’ play out of my Sprints tail-pipe.

The engine compartment being black instead of body color is probably the biggest detractor here, but I understand.  Put yourself in that moment when the body shop quoted you an extra $10K to strip the engine compartment and everything attached to the engine, paint it all, and HOPE to get it back together.  Or get 3 cans of Krylon black…

For a positive ID AND to demonstrate the quality of paint in the engine compartment.

The last one of these they sold was $31,500.  Check it out.


8 thoughts on “Market 335: Clean 1600 Spider Veloce

  1. With amber turn-signal tail-light lenses, the car should also sport teardrop-style side markers on the sides of the front fenders… maybe the holes were welded up, or the tail-light lenses aren’t original. Other than that, it looks great!

    I need an ashtray like that for my car.

    • You taking up smoking? I assumed the rear lenses were repro’s as they are a little too nice to be original and with as much catalog stuff as went into the interior, they would have been ordered too.

      Anyone have an ashtray for Pat? He might have parts to trade!


  2. matt your car must be a collectable lol.
    ok I confess thats what i use mine for as well,
    there is a slight chance i may have to part with my councours spider very soon but not sure of the best way to proceed as yet
    all the best,
    ps. if i find an ashtray i will let you know.

  3. Hi Matt

    There is a rhd giulia spider on uk ebay now with a few days to go that make this car look good value,item number 180752905019.
    While ash trays are useful for many things this can only be used as a giant sieve!

    Best Regards


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