Market 332: Rough Giulia SS in Italy

This car is available right now on Italian eBay.  It appears to be very complete and very rusty.  I think pictures of this car were on the AlfaBB a few months ago.  One of the Italian readers care to call the seller and find out which car this is?  As a restoration object it’s going to be a challenge.  As a parts car it will be very helpful and yield a lot of extras that can be sold off.  Check it out.

It’s a shame.  This was probably a nice car that suffered a minor fault, was parked and let to rot.  Someone will take this project on and spend a mint -at least it’s worth big $ when done.

One could theoretically get a tetanus shot, do the brakes, clean out the intake system and cruise this thing just like this You’d be the most popular unpopular guy at next years convention if you showed up with it. Plate??  TR3 back there?

I heard a story about an SZ that had goats walk all over it.  Maybe goats here too?  Hood is aluminum so not too horrible to fix.

Paint flaking off makes the rot look even more rotten.  Is that a Fiat Campagnola in the background or a Matta?

Not bad in here really.  Mirror is in an odd spot.

Even the tough to find intake set up is present.  Intake manifold is the tapered unit.  I imagine the engine is an 00121.

What’s a pile like this worth?  $8000 as a restoration object and probably $18,000 as a parts machine.  What do you want?  I’ll take the Ute behind it in the last picture.



9 thoughts on “Market 332: Rough Giulia SS in Italy

  1. Also, says it’s one of the first 300 (?) Giulia SSes with drum brakes. In other words, add 100 hours of labor to your estimate.

  2. This is the last time this SS will be seen as assembled vehicle. Notwithstanding some of these vehicles are approaching 120000 Euro’s.

  3. [quote] “One of the Italian readers care to call the seller and find out which car this is?”[/quote]

    Just asked chassis and engine numbers… well, they told me the only number that they find interesting: € 11.000

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