Market 329: exclusive Spider 750 racer

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*04899.  I get the occasional email asking to feature a car and I’m always torn.  I’m doing a favor while doing what some might regard as business and then expected to be objective.  Some have been difficult, but this one, being a purpose built racer, is easy -especially easy since it was restored/racer built in the mid-1980’s.  From what can be seen in the photos the fit and finish is excellent.  Hopefully the racing groups it was built for haven’t changed their tune.

I’m thinking those are widened steel wheels.  A good way to go as they tend to be lighter than alloys -especially what was available in the 80’s.  Paint still looks excellent.  Many a Spider racer has been number 57 methinks.  Stance is tough looking without being too low.  Suspension would have to be very stiff to avoid tire rubs.

Okay -now I’m thinking Heinbrand wheels -tough to tell at this resolution.  Trunk fit is excellent.  Roll bar looks, well, roll-worthy. 

Yep.  Red with black interior is pretty decent.  Steering wheel is early 60’s item.  Rocker trim but no bumpers?  Why not.

Looks like a racer interior -$10 worth of electrical tape on the roll bars and all.

“For Sale: 1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider 750 series S/N 1495-04899 Vintage Race Car. Professionally Restored in 1985-86 as a VSCDA racer. Besic Motorsports prepared 1300 cc engine, Carillo rods, Cosworth pistons, 12:1 compression, twin Weber 40 DCOE carbs, oil cooler, veloce sump, veloce headers, open exhaust, aluminum flywheel. Transmission 5 speed split case with close 5th gear. Suspension stock with Koni shocks and lowered springs. Brakes stock Griling 4 wheel drum, steel braided brake lines, dual master cylinder.Rear end is a limited slip with 5:13 ratio. FuelSafe custom fuel cell is in original steel tank, wheels and tires 4.5 x 15 Borrani steel wheels and 155 x 15 Pirelli P3 tires. VSCCA ,VSCDA and all other vintage race group eligible. $30,000. Contact:Alfredo Giallanza 815-874-9692”

Besic prepped 1300 with some race provenance?  not a cheap thing.  I spent $7500 or so building a stock 1300.  Add a known builder with race items and you quickly have a $15,000+ engine at today’s prices.

What do I think?  I think it’s a bargain for a prepped, ready to go racer.  Donor cars that need $40,000 worth of prep are $10,000 now if you can find them.



1 thought on “Market 329: exclusive Spider 750 racer

  1. This is a great looking vintage racer Alfa Giulietta Spider — has the right parts for easy turn key fun if one doesn’t twist it “to hard” every time — 7,000 should be enough — Besic motor close 5th lowered good rollbar – only missing “F” in the serial number – price probably $5-10K more if it did — I race one like it and they are a ball and easy to drive and maintain — Regards, Sam Smith & “Luigi” the slo silver and burgundy Spider Veloce AR1495F11302 – buy it and come out and play

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