ARA All Italian Car day 2011

ARA All Italian Day car showI’ve been busy.  Moved 3 times this summer, kid on the way, trying to make a start-up start up etc.  I made time this weekend and went to the Alfa Romeo Associations All Italian Day in Alameda.  Turnout was probably the best I’ve ever seen and the weather was amazing.  Here are some pictures I took.  This show is the best of the year for me.

The Jeff Glenn (24 hours of Lemons fame among other things) SS. 

This one will be easy for some of you.  Impossible for others.  What is it?

Good color, good car.

Yep –  I took pictures of the left headlight on all the cars at the show.  Check it out here or above and see how many you can recognize.


13 thoughts on “ARA All Italian Car day 2011

  1. Congrats on the impending fatherhood! Im’ sorry I missed the Alameda show this year, it always is a highlight. Twist the knife by saying that it was one of the biggest ever… I guess there is always next year.


  2. Dig the headlight pics. You should print them as posters and make them available for sale. I’ll take one of each page.


    • I don’t think my original pictures are high enough resolution to make a poster -I’ll forward you full size files if you want to try!


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