Market 325: Project/parts Sprint on eBay

Update 10/08/11: Sold for $3748.  A great deal for someone who doesn’t mind parting them out.

Of note is this Giulietta Sprint on eBay, sold as a companion to a 67 GTV.  Pictures/description etc are basically useless, but if you’re in the neighborhood you may get what turns out to be a decent Sprint for a bargain.

It’s a Sprint.  It has European marker lights.  It has glass.  Missing hood.  Moderately rusty.  With Sprints bringing the money they are these days and lots of cars being restored, a chunk of change could be made taking this car apart if it proves too rusty.

Looks to be the passenger front.  Unusual trim below rocker trim -perfect for trapping water no doubt.

Can’t tell much what’s inside the car.  Nice little rust raspberry there.

I know there are some Alfa folks in IL that could use this…


2 thoughts on “Market 325: Project/parts Sprint on eBay

  1. Matt, I purchased this load. Here are the Sprint’s s/n’s
    AR1493 21905 6511690. No engine, trans, guages. Except for the trunk floor, the body is very solid. Included was the front seats, hood, and trunk lid, and a load of spare Alfa parts. My plan is to sell the car in one piece. It deserves to be saved. Haig Haleblian

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