Market 327: Very nice Spider 750D 03579

Update 10/11/11: $30,200 with reserve not met.  I would have thought $35,000 or a little less would or should buy it.

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*03579.  This magnificent example is on eBay right now out of Colorado. 750 Alfa’s are at the top of the Alfa Market for Sprints (06611 or before) and Spiders and I expect this car will go for serious money to bear this out.  It was restored back when repro parts were scarce and original nice parts were still available and reasonable.

No flashy pictures here -just good honest ‘show the item’ shots.  Trunk and door fit looks excellent.  Paint finish looks amazing.  No excuses trim fit and finish is rare to see.  Tidy and right.  These cars look much more staid with the top up -putting it down it’s like a nun pulling her habit off and having a sexy, deservedly worn bikini on underneath.

Looks good.  Not overly done.  No sense putting this perfectly serviceable trunk mat in the landfill in favor of a shinier one.

Gauge patina preservation is all well and good -but in a car like this it’s a little disappointing since everything else looks so good.  Yes, I know that’s a mid-to-late 101 steering wheel.

The description: “For Sale is a beautifully restored Giulietta with only 14,028 original miles. Checkout the spares list at the end of the description. There is a lot of information here, please read all.


Chassis was purchased in Arizona in 1987. The previous owner had the vehicle stored in Arizona for approximately ten years. The chassis, except for the battery box area, was rust free and structural damage was limited to a minor dent in the lower center trunk area.


Restoration began in 1987 and was completed in February 1992. The vehicle has covered approximately 200 miles since completion. All work has been professionally done to a high standard with emphasis on originality and reliability. Every part on this vehicle has been cleaned, inspected, refurbished or replaced, tested, painted, plated, or chromed. All body defects were repaired. The vehicle is painted the correct color Alfa Red (color sanded acrylic enamel).  All trim pieces were rechromed and refitted. All rubber and weatherstripping was replaced or refurbished. A new glass DOT approved windshield was fitted. Original style vinyl and Wilton carpet were fitted. All receipts for parts and service are available, as are the names of persons or companies involved in the restoration. Included is a listing of specific work done or parts purchased divided into vehicle systems. Also included is a list of spare parts to be included with the vehicle.


1 750 Series Cylinder Head, Complete
Cylinder Head Vat Cleaned and Crack/Leak checked
8 Cam Followers – new
Align Bore Cam Saddles
Surface Grind Head
Valve Springs Checked
Valve Job
8 Valve Shims
8 Exhaust Manifold Studs
8 Brass Nuts, Exhaust Manifold
4 Golden Lodge Spark Plugs
Powder Coat Valve Cover
Chrome Plate Valve Cover Set Screws
Engine Block Vat Cleaned and Crack/Leak Checked
Align Bore Engine Block
Hard Chrome Crankshaft Mains to Standard
1 Set Main Bearings
1 Set Rod Bearings
1 Set Thrust Washers
1 Set Pistons, Liners, Rings, and Wrist Pins
4 Connecting Rod Pin Bushings
Connecting Rod Big End Resized
Balance Engine
1 Engine Gasket Set
1 Engine Head Gasket Set
1 Timing Chain, Upper
1 Timing Chain, Lower
Front Crankshaft Pulley, Hard Chromed to Standard
Rear Main Crankshaft Seal Surface, Hard Chromed to Standard
1 Clutch Disc
1 Clutch Throw-Out Bearing
1 Oil Pressure Line
1 Carb Rebuild Kit
Rebuild Carb
1 Air Filter
1 Set Ignition Wires
1 Tach Cable
Water Pump Rebuild
1 Electric Fuel Pump
2 Rubber Silent Blocks for Fuel Pump
1 Oil Pressure Sending Unit
1 Oil Temperature Sending Unit
1 Oil Pan Magnetic Drain Plug
1 Oil Filter
Starter Motor Rebuilt
Generator Rebuilt
1 Fan Belt
Radiator and Heater Hoses
Radiator and Heater Hose Clamps
Radiator Rebuilt
1 Speedometer Cable
Ignition Points and Condenser
Distributor Cap and Rotor
Distributor Rebuilt
1 Thermostat
1 Radiator Cap
Cad Plate Misc. Hardware


1 Synchro – new
2 Syncros – Reconditioned, Insert Manufactured, Fitted and Machined
1 Front Seal
1 Rear Seal
1 Inner Shift Boot
1 Outer Shift Boot
Shell Dentax 90 Gear Oil
Transmission Rebuilt by Auto International Inc., Phoenix, Arizona


2 Universal Joints
Drive Shaft Inspected and Balanced


Differential Assembly Cleaned and Inspected
1 Input Flange Seal
2 Axle Seals
2      Axle Rebound Straps
Shell Spirax 90 Fluid


Front Drums Cleaned and Inspected
Rear Drums Cleaned and Inspected, and Resurfaced
Brake Linings Renewed
1 Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit
Brake Master Cylinder Rebuilt
4     Brake Slave Cylinder Rebuild Kits
Brake Slave Cylinders Rebuilt
2 Front  Brake Flex Lines
Brake Hard Lines Replaced
Cad Plate Misc. Hardware
Castrol Brake Fluid


4 Koni Shock Absorbers
Springs Cleaned, Inspected, Tested and Bead Blasted
Front Wheel Bearings Cleaned, Inspected and Repacked
2 Front Rebound Cables
2 Front Lower Ball Joints
6 Tie Rod Ends
Front A-Arms Cleaned, Inspected and Rebushed
2 Front Anti-Roll Bar Bushings
5 Wheels Cleaned, Inspected and Painted
4      Pirelli 155×15 Tires
Aligned to Factory Specifications


1 Steering Box Assembly
Intermediate Steering Arm Refurbished
1 101 Series Steering Wheel and Horn Assembly


Underside Stripped to Metal, Resprayed with Wurth Rocked Schutz
Body Stripped, Refurbished and Painted by European Import Refinishers,
Phoenix, Arizona
1 Windshield
Rubber and Weatherstripping Replaced
Gauges Refurbished
1 Radio Blanking Facia
Wiring Harness Reburbished
All Trim Rechromed or Replaced
Seats and Interior Retrimmed
Wilton Wool Carpeting Fitted
Rubber Mats Fitted
Convertible Top Mechanism Refurbished
Canvas Top Fitted
Gas Tank Cleaned and Tested
1 Battery
1 Battery Hold-Down Assembly
2 Battery Cables
2 Tail Light Lens
2 Parking Lamp Assemblies
Complete Exhaust System

Spare Parts Included with the Sale

1 Cylinder Head, Vat Cleaned and Crack Checked
1 Intake Cam
1 Exhaust Cam
1 Engine Block, Original
1 Set Main Bearings – New
1 Set Rod Bearings – New
4 Connecting Rod Pin Bushings – New
6 Connecting Rods
4 Intake Valves and Springs
4 Exhaust Valves and Springs
4 Pistons with Wrist Pins
2 Crankshaft Distributor Gears
2 Crankshaft Timing Chain Gears
2 Timing Chain Tensioner Assemblies
2 Intermediate Timing Chain Gears
1 Mechanical Fuel Pump Actuation Arm
1 Oil Filter Canister Assembly
1 Front Pulley
4 Aluminum Engine Mounts
1 Water Pump
1 Aluminum Fan, Original Style
1 Oil Pump
1 Glass Gas Filter Assembly, Original
1 Clutch Disc
1 Clutch Throw-Out Bearing
1 Distributor Cap, Original Style Screw Cap Leads
1 Radiator Hose – New
1 Set Front A Arm Pin and Bushing Set – New
1 Steering Rod with 2 Tie Rod Ends
1 Differential Sump Cover
1 Generator – Rebuilt
1 Voltage Regulator – New
1 Front Grill with Enameled Badge – New

I am listing this for a friend and as you can see this car has been completely restored to a better than new condition and he has put a lot of money into it. I have described this car as best as I can, if you have any specific questions feel free to call David at 303-653-5550 or email me at: irwin_eng(at)

If you decide to buy this car, We require a non-refundable deposit of $1000 within 24 hours, from the end of the auction, to my PayPal account. The balance is to be paid within 7 days from the end of the auction, into my account via a bank wire transfer, car will be released once the funds have cleared. This car is as is, where is. there is no warranty and/or guarantee with this vehicle and will be sold with clear Arizona title.

I will help coordinate transportation arrangements both domestic and international at no charge. All actual transportation costs to be paid by buyer. Local pick-up is encouraged and free.

I reserve the right to end this auction early, as it is advertised elsewhere. Any buy it now questions, should include a buy it now offer, to be considered.

Very nice -again, not flashy but rather how they probably were when they were new.  These look like Veloce valve cover nuts rather than the usual bakelite black original sort. 

More nice clean.  Notice the lack of clutter.  Everything in its right place.

Positive ID.

I want to do this to my Sprint someday.  Very nice!

Listening to Dylan while I write about a car is sort of strange -“Sara… -writing sad-eyed lady of the lowlands for you.

Expect this car to sell to a dealer who will detail and auction.


3 thoughts on “Market 327: Very nice Spider 750D 03579

  1. Magnificent ??? Sheeze Matt … Buy it already !

    but before you do … notice that the pics, while flattering, do show a few less-than-perfect issues. When spending upwards of $40,000. for a Normale … one should expect better than:

    foggy faces on gauges
    no dust cover over peddle box
    non-original floor mats
    missing seal strips between dash and doors
    torn mat in trunk – why not, at least, patch it on underside?
    Electric fuel pump .. on a Normale ??
    home-made coupling on rear suspension limit straps
    substitute hardware on driveshaft
    No heat shield at master cylinder

    and under the bonnet/hood …

    non-original 101 engine … but you get a junk engine in the “spares”
    superfluous head-mounted FISPA fuel pump .. without hoses ???
    4 to 1 exhaust header
    101 steering box ??

    All in all, it’s likely a nice driver… but at what price?
    Perhaps you should delete one “very” in your Market 327 title …

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