Market 326: Clean 101 Spider 169451

Update 9/30/11: Reserve not met after 22 bids resulting in $25,100 offer.

Giulietta Spider 10103*169451, 00102*22443.  This 1961 Spider comes to us on eBay from Goodman Reed Motorcars, the sellers of the vent window SS.  Its a clean solid example with a nice coat of detailing -the right way to sell a car.  Bidding is a reasonable $15,200 as I write but I expect they’d like to see somewhere in the 30’s.  The market is moving fast and I’ll expect they’ll do alright on this car.  Oh, and magnificent pictures as usual.  You can see the full set of pictures via the VIN link above.

Looks like it could be a factory advertising picture from back int he day.  Santa Barbara is a picturesque place.  Is that Oprah’s mountain in the background?

Door and hood fit looks great, the trim is pretty straight and the cars poise is nice.  Wheels look dusty, maybe a gravel parking lot has to be traversed to get to this vantage?  Lucas style mirrors?

I’ll leave it to George to chime in with the detailed critique.  Looks great to me.  Fog/driving lights are a good look -adding an air of sport.  This is a good picture to asses the paint -well, relative to the glowing seaside pictures where you could paint it in semi-gloss with a roller and it would look good…

Trunk fits good.  That’s a reasonable place to put an antennae on a car without a radio.  Looks like current Euro tail lights.  I could totally drive this.

Carpets look a little tired.  Speaker in the door but a 105 series radio blanking plate?  Extra gauge below the tri-gauge, kind of looks like a boost gauge.  Look closely and you can see a green wire near the passenger door jamb.  Perfectly nice -but could be improved.

Those normale 1300 air filter canisters are getting spendy -hence the fencers mask seen here.  Oh, and the original requires some work to fit on a Weber.  You know -you can cut superfluous valve cover hold down loops off the front of the gasket -looks a hell of a lot better than what you see here.  This just looks like someone forgot to do something or used the wrong part.

Bravo!  They even took a picture of the engine number -not an easy picture to take.

It still amazes me that most of the cars that come on the market are new to these pages.  Someday that will not be the case -but it may yet be a while.


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