Market 195: Sprint in Portugal

Update 9/22/11:In Portugal, with Vent window -this Sprint is back on eBay.

I think I would take fresh pictures rather than reuse these close to 2 year olds…

Update 7/1/10: No sale last time I suppose. Now on eBay again… better $20K?  Doubtful.

Update 6/24/10: Auction ended at $22,850, reserve met.  Not such a bad deal when you consider it wouldn’t wouldn’t be too hard to turn it into a nice car with a nearly unique feature in the vent window.

Update 6/10/10: This car has made its way to ebay and the seller has listed the vin number -1493*08477, so I now have another to add to the register.  Condition is described as ‘restored to like new’ but it’s not… incorrect driver restoration is more like it.  The kind of car that gets bid up to just under $20K.  Vent window is still a neat thing though.

Original post March 3, 2010: Giulietta Sprint. I found this car on a Japanese classic car site and it’s available out of Portugal for just under $33,000.  A Portugese car on a Japanese website makes perfect sense really -the Japanese are highly refined in their car collecting and own a disproportionate number of interesting Italian cars, many Giuliettas among them.  Why not market directly to the money?

Looking back over the last few weeks I’ve been trending toward more international market entries (among the posts about welding on the SS).  What’s up you ask?  Well, there aren’t many Giuliettas for sale in the US right now.  Must be the weather!

The body and paint on this car is really pretty nice, panels fit well, trim embellishes as intended, not much to complain about to be seen.  A careful viewer of the above picture will note a rare feature.

When I get home I see a similar mug peeking out from my carport that seems to ask why I haven’t been driving it… That grill trim is way shiney.  I hear restoration in Portugal is popular as they have a lot of skilled craftsmen who charge reasonable hourly rates and you can still get decent chroming done.

Here it is, the odd rare feature… a vent window.  That’s neat.  I wonder if it’s crank powered or like a Fiat where you just push it to the desired position and manually latch it.  Seat positioning here makes it look like a true four seater.

The other side.  What?? No vent window over here?  Why have a vent window on just one side? Hmm.  ‘Sprint’ script is all bent up.  Other than that it looks pretty good.  I don’t think the passenger door is shut all the way.

Yeah, okay, needs a proper Giulietta Steering wheel, or Giulia or even aftermarket wood-rim wheel.  Anything would be better than this late 105 Junior wheel (that’s what it is right?).  I think I would change the red carpets to black ot dark gray -too much red in here.  Gauges look pretty good other than an acceptible amount of yellowing.

The backseat that isn’t.  Looks okay.

Unremarkable but tidy.  Looks to have a header.  An incorrect metal fan and a repair to the number two spark plug lead.

I’m definitely puzzled by the vent window, it looks the same as the example in my accessories post about vent windows but why have only one?  Maybe… umm… well… sorry, I can’t think of a plausible explanation other than pure and simple owner preference.  Please comment below with your ideas.  If I get ten comments with ideas, I’ll send a free T shirt to the poster of my favorite.

Oh -maybe this car had a rotten drivers door and the only one they could find had the vent window…  nah, why not just move the glass.  Accident?  maybe.

2009 Sprints

2008 Sprints


9 thoughts on “Market 195: Sprint in Portugal

  1. I think its great that you monitor and post Giulietta sales world wide. The cars really have an international market.
    As far as the friendly grill work in your carport, a trip to Paso Robles should do the trick.

    • Brad,

      I’m tempted, but I also want to go to the Sears point deal that weekend and have plans to do about 700 miles on the Snowball the next weekend.

      I kind of wish someone would volunteer to help write the market reports.

      We’ll see.


  2. Just do Sunday! By the way Martin Lauber asked me to do a vendor booth there, so I’m having an employee do Sat., and I myself will be there on Sunday.

    I’d do Snowball Rally if I had a closed car – kinda tired of shivering so much driving the Spider in the winter with the top down.

  3. Giul* Gents,

    Lots goin’ on now, much to do, don’t forget the Cal Mille Alfa Cento Anno and the evergreen Lap o’ Marin!
    The vent window is for smoking, a vice appropriate to the era and area of our Autos. a vent window creats a natural draft for the Gitano in the 11 0’clock hand in the driving rain…


    • That had crossed my mind, but it seemed like 70% of Giuliettas would have these if that was the case. Makes perfect sense though!


  4. Hmmm, are those U.S. tailight clusters? So much variation here I wonder if there was a standard or just a lot of later retro-fitting.
    This car is painted in my favorite shade of red. I know resale red has been done and then some, but doggone it, Sprints just look great in red.

    • Tail lights are all red, I don’t know enough about all the Euro specs at the time to say if amber uppers were ubiquitous with US the exception. Does have the high beam switch on the column and the metric gauges a Euro car would have.

      Headlight units look to be Lucas items to me which is also odd for a Sprint.

      Agreed on the red. They do look good in red, overdone or not.


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