Market 324: Rough SS project 177353

Update October 1 2015: Now in Germany.  Anamera doesn’t show when an ad was made active – this one just says “as of 9/12/2011.”

Update September 12 2011: Beverly Hills Car Club is the lucky dealer who gets to add the dealer tax/toll between the end buyer and first seller of this car.  I guess it’s sort of like interest on money loaned.  Anyway, they scrubbed it up, added $7000 to the price and have it listed.

Taking turd polish to new heights!  Original bosphoro blue is a great color -if it had its original engine it would be an even better car to restore.  Lot’s of work to do but someone will do it.  Judging by the tires this thing has been off the road a LONG time.  Lots more pictures here.

Update September 3 2011: Sold for the Buy it Now price to the man in the big yellow hat!

Giulia Sprint Speciale 10120*177353Been a while since we had a rough SS on the site, but this car on eBay right now makes up for the lack.  Needs a lot and when you get it apart it will need a lot more.  Price of $19,500 BIN is not too bad really.  Lets see, 177061 has failed to bring more than $85,000 on eBay despite being a really nice example, take $19,500 from that leaves $65,500.  $20,000 in bodywork, $10,000 in paint, $10,000 drive train rebuild (and still not correct)… you get the idea.  If you want one and are handy with tools though, who knows.

It’s an SS, it has some glass, it’s on 4 wheels, it doesn’t have any huge dents.  So far so good.

Bike not included.  Back is somewhat decent also.  Count on rust.

Cozy.  Where you gonna find an SS steeringwheel?  Not to worry it can be fixed ($$).  Dash top is in another picture.  Just gas it up, do the brakes and go.

Very hard to find intake parts are here and in other pictures.  Engine is 1600 from a Duetto or GT.

Hello, my name is…

See -a 1600.

Someone will buy it, someone will start to fix it up, who knows who will finish it and when. One thing -it will eventually be fixed up with SS prices where they are.


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