Market 321: SS 177468 at Barons

Update 8/28/11:  The auction for this car will be on September 19th at Sandown Park Race course -you have to preregister but can call in a bid.  I also got a bunch of high resolution pictures that show this to be a very very nice example.

Very nice luster to the paint, detailing in the new pictures is very clean.  No excuses amazing.

Interior looks amazing -be sure to check out the other pictures linked above -lots of good detail shots.  Red with gray is a very attractive combo.

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10121*177468This car is to be (or was -not sure) auctioned by Barons.  Car is a late Giulietta probably with 3 shoe brakes up front.  Auction estimate is 40 – 44000 pounds -in the neighborhood of $70,000.

Looking good!  Door gaps are nearly invisible.  Wheels are Borrani type.  Very red.

There’s a green dot on the C pillar (it is the C pillar right?) -who came up with the alphabetical pillar nomenclature anyway.  Very hard to tell how nice it is in pictures like this.  A $400 paint job in this red at this resolution looks this good.

Engine compartment could stand a little tidying but it’s all there and as it’s supposed to be.  I’d just drive it as is and leave the clean up for Goodings auction time.

With all these SS’s aspiring to be big $ cars, will they still get driven as they were intended to be driven?


8 thoughts on “Market 321: SS 177468 at Barons

  1. This is my car! email me at if you want any more pictures or further information.

    I think its fair to say that the paintwork and body on the car are excellent, engine bay is as said a bit dirty, but its all original and I drive this car frequently and quickly. Underneath is as good as on top but rustproofed and there is nothing missing (its cost a lot to make it this way).

    Plenty room for titivation for sure, but its a nice car and I’m sorry to have to sell it.

    Regards to all Tony

  2. Hello Matt, hope all good with you. This car is crap – how many of the 29 photos of it I have do you want to prove it. Shows why extreme caution is often needed at auctions. Without saying any more my guess is the guy who bought it will have to spend at least half again as much as he paid just to make it properly useable. If he wants it to be as good as it ‘looks’ probably double that.
    And yes, I still use mine regularly.

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