Market 226: SS 10120*00533 in Florida

Update 8/24/11:  It has been reported by several attendees that this car made $190,000!  Serious money.  Lightweight Sprint Veloce Money.  SZ money not too long ago.  Now every bumpkin who inherits a busted up SS is going to be offering a $190,000 Buy it Now on eBay.  Nice.

Update 8/20/11: This car was spotted at the Gooding and Co auction this Monterey weekend, spruced up and looking to sell for a lot of money based on its preservation status.

It’s amazing how good they can make a car look with some polish and care.

The story as they tell it.

Update 6/30/10: Elmar sent me an email making me aware of the picture below… must be the same car as this is a rare color and vent windows are even rarer.

Period shot of 533?  Probably!

Update 6/11/10: I hear $250K is the magic number.  I will have to chew on that for a while -not sure how I feel about it.

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00533. Elmar, the European correspondent sent me a link to this SS that is available now from Pegasus in Florida -car was owned my the owner of Centerline for a while.  Condition is said to be all original and as can be seen it has the rare vent window option.  I’m not sure what they are asking for it.

This is a great color- kind of a platinum gray silver.  It’s said to be as good as it looks.  Trim, shut lines etc are all fine.

This is exactly the kind of car I would buy if I had the money.  You can’t create this kind of patina.  Note the missing hub cap.

Trunk fit is excellent.  Would be nice to have some interior shots.

More of the same.

Here it is today in Florida.

With the original car at Bonhams going for about $75K I guess it’s safe to assume this car will be expensive.


4 thoughts on “Market 226: SS 10120*00533 in Florida

  1. Actually probably not for sale, notwithstanding the website. This car is said to have been originally owned by Briggs Cunningham, and is in unrestored original condition. About four months ago I corresponded with the owner, who is a prominent investment manager. At that time he anticipated showing the car in the preservation class at major West Coast event, and the outcome of that might determine whether and on what terms the car might be offered in the future. Assuming that the provenance and condition are as represented, this is definitely a six-figure SS.


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