Market 320: Another early Spider 750D

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*00627Available now on eBay out of Santa Barbara is this lovely Spider.  Great color, albeit with an incorrect but no less lovely interior in black.  Seems that now’s a good time to be in the market or an early Giulietta.

Someone knows what they are doing with a camera.  The composition, lighting, saturation etc is all perfect.  Hood fits great and trim looks right. 

Great door and trunk fit here.  I wonder if it’s a black plate car?

Sellers description: “Offered for sale is a gorgeous little 1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider finished in Grafite Grigio (Graphite Grey) over black seats with consummate red piping. A very clean, rust free example, this car is tastefully vintage in every way, from the indelibly gorgeous Pininfarina lines to the understated color to the throaty warble of the dual Weber carburetors that announces its presence. And its presence is certainly recognized, drawing equal attention from general pedestrians and automotive enthusiasts alike. It’s a car that oozes style; it’s free-spirited and simple, but oh-so-sophisticated.

The exterior finish is great: deep, lustrous and free of dings, scratches or any obvious imperfections. Not your typical red or white, the color is fantastic – we’ve never had so many positive comments on a color, I think because it may come as a surprise that what amounts to a shade or two darker than battleship grey could look so good on a car. The chrome is in very good original condition, marred only by a couple soft dings that are difficult to see in the front driver side bumper. The glass and rubber are in good shape as are the wheels and hubs, and the tires have plenty of remaining tread. The car’s interior is equally as clean, the correct material and pattern seats showing minimal wear and presenting nicely. The carpets are excellent, as are the door panels and dash. The canvas soft top is also in good shape free of any rips or tears and maintaining a clear plastic window.

The car is a joy to drive, light, sporty and entirely visceral. The engine starts easily, idles consistently and pulls strongly through all of the gears. The transmission is excellent, shifting smoothly without any grinding or popping gears. It’s an ideal car to tool around town it, but it handles itself nicely on the highway as well and is an absolute thrill in the canyons. This is an excellent weekend car/garage queen – it presents itself extremely well but it’s not a Concours car, which means that it can actually be driven and enjoyed, just the way that I for one believe that all cars of this vintage ought to be. It’s a wonderful example, free of typical Alfa rust and finished in a beautiful color scheme. Finding them in this shape is getting more and more difficult, so please bid accordingly.”  Yadda Yadda.

Great reflection back here.  I’d drive the wheels off this.

Trunk looks pretty original and ready for an overnight duffel.

You could pretend you’re a bad guy in Tron with all this consummate red piping.  Looks like the rear view glass even has piping.

I’m going to guess 101 1300 with 1600 Veloce intake.  Anyone?

Nice car, not original or necessarily correct, but nice and no one will fault you for putting a hot 1600 in it.


10 thoughts on “Market 320: Another early Spider 750D

  1. great colour,
    can i ask can anyone help me with some info on the ongoing restoration of my giulia ss?
    I cant find one local to me in the South of England, I havn’t seen one at any of the main events,

  2. While there is no denying that this is an attractive Alfa, let us not become so enamored by the artsy pics that we fail to recognize its faults …
    What I see is a grille/shield that is strongly skewed to the RIGHT hand side; mis-matched headlight trim rings; a hood/bonnet sprung upward at the LEFT front corner; a wiper-scarred windshield; a rear-view mirror that’s cloudy around the edge; a steering wheel with the white plastic missing; steering column missing the wrinkle finish paint; poorly fitted window seals; recovered seats (with their positions transposed …) with bolts substituted for the original hardware; “extra” holes in the trunk; and a poorly fitted trunk seal causing the lower edge to appear “sprung”.
    With only a sole pic of the engine compartment, I’d wager that’s a 1600 engine with a 5 speed trans. BOSCH electrical components replace the original LUCAS bits.

    Matt – that piping in the RV mirror is a reflection of that on the rear drape.
    We now return you to your regular channel …

    • I like to leave the technical criticisms to those who know what they’re talking about. Engine is an 00536 series I just heard. Thanks for the evaluation.


  3. Beatufull car,but for a 750D Spider,it has wrong motor and gearbox.
    It looks like a later 105/115 motor and gearbox.

  4. Hi Matt
    I am looking for details of the underside of the giulia ss,
    my car was part restored about 20 years ago which means all the origanal bits chopped off and whatever the welder wanted tacked on, i have no clues as to how it should look?
    any ideas?

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