Market 319: Spider 750D 00134

Update 3/8/11: Reserve not met at $60,100.  Wow.

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*00134, 1315*40206.  On eBay now out of what is one of the epicenters of classic Alfa Romeo’s in the US comes this very early example.  The sellers description is verbose to say the least, but rightly so when hoping for big$, and it’s attached below for future generation to appreciate.  Sorry about the lack of posts lately -was without much internet for most of July.

I saw this and thought -look at that bird flying in front of that white car -oh, er, that’s a Giulietta Spider.  Okay, car looks great.  Paint is not over the top shiny but that’s how I like it.  Do these have rolled lip rims?

Low profile tires or just low profile stance?  Door gaps look pretty good.

About the right angle for a nice rear end.  I still don’t know why people cover their license plates.  Trunk fit is one of the best I’ve seen.

Verbatim: “Offered for sale is this very early production totally restored 1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider – a truly stunning example of one of the timeless classics of the automotive world.

This car has been 100% restored to showroom new condition and features it’s original correct numbered engine and transmission. The chassis number is AR1495-00134. The engine number is AR1315-40206.

According to Centro Documentazione Storica – the official Alfa Romeo Archives located in Arese, Italy:
“The chassis number AR1495-00134 originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider manufactured on the 19th June 1956 and sold on the 25th June 1956 to Hoffman Motor Car Company from New York, USA. The engine number is AR1315-40206. The body colour is Pininfarina White (AR008). The interior colour is Chinese Red.”

Giulietta Spider #134 was sold new in 1956 from Hoffman Motor Cars West Coast Division in Beverly Hills California and still retains it’s original 1956 California license plates. This has been a California car all it’s life and has spent the past55 years in the dry and temperate climate of Southern California.

This Alfa Romeos’ beautiful and classic coachwork was built by Carrozzeria Pininfarina. The Pininfarina build number for Spider #134’s chassis is #16082. This is a totally “matching numbers” car, meaning that the last three serial numbers of the coachbuilders number – in this case #082 – are stamped on all major components. Number “082” is stamped on the doors, engine hood, trunk lid, bumpers, dash nose, windshield frame pillars and soft top frame. All of these original “082” numbered components have been restored and re-installed back on the car.

The entire car has been 100% restored using only New Old Stock (NOS) and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts – collected from all over the world over the past 10 years, regardless of cost. No detail has been overlooked, and every system of the car – large or small – has been completely and properly restored. The objective of this restoration has been to re-create acurately and authentically the look and feel of a brand new Giulietta Spider for today.

This extensive restoration has involved the rebuild of everything on the car and although it is too exhaustive to relate here some of the highlights of the car are: rebuilt engine by Mike Sperry including a NOS crankshaft and NOS cylinder head, rebuilt transmission and differential, new fuel system and fuel lines, NOS correct 1 1/2″ diameter exhaust system, NOS radiator and water pump, NOS Girling brake system with new Kunifer lines and Correct Ferodo MZ shoe linings, new Dave Rugh 95mm rear springs and 105mm front springs, all NOS suspension components, rebuilt steering box and idler box with NOS correct early series Lockheed tie rods, rebuilt original 1956 Lucas starter motor and generator, all new correct cloth covered wiring harness, all new NOS electrical components including all switches, cables, wiper motor, heater blower fan, NOS Veglia Italian language dash guages and a NOS factory original St. Gobain windshield, to name just a few items. These are just some of the highlights of this restoration, there are literally thousands of additional details too numerous to recount here….

Of course, the body was completely striped top to bottom, a few rusty areas were attended to, then it was bottom coated and repainted using modern two-pack acrylic urethane paint, then color sanded by hand to a glassy finish. The car shows and presents itself gorgeously. The interior – seats, top drape, carpets and mats have all been acurately re-created using only the finest Italian manufactured materials and is 100% correct to the tiniest detail.

No detail has been overlooked in the restoration of Spider #134…and the underside of the car presents itself as well as the topside…

This extremely early 750 series Giulietta Spider sports some significant details and differences from later more mass produced examples. There are literally hundreds of small differences between this early car and later cars, including: the carb that originally came with the car is a mid 1950’s Weber 36 DCD with a proper top plate cast to accept the stock air cleaner without any adaptors or modifications needed that was an option “back in the day”, some of the unseen bodywork is more raw then the more mass produced later Spiders, the door frame trim pieces are handmade aluminum, the doorcards are secured with chrome screws, there are rear “finishing” cards installed behind and above the sidecards to cover part of the soft top frame mounts, the dash nose trim strip matches the Chinese Red interior color (“experts” will disagree with this detail, but that is the way the car was found and #134 had never been restored when found), the early grooved rubber mats are hand trimmed and sewn with Chinese Red vinyl, the windshield frame chromed pillars are more delicate and thinner then later cars, the rear trunk pull is hand hammered chrome plated solid brass and is more “teardrop” shaped then the round potmetal units found on later cars, the headlights are restored super rare Lucas “24 HRS Lemans” units that have been re-silvered and have been retained on this car (also a “back-in-the-day” option), the hubcaps are the original extremely early solid chrome plated brass units with 75mm center badges (as opposed to later steel 70mm badge units) and so on and so on and so on…there are literally too many differences to note here…

In addition, every fastener on the car has been either replaced with NOS “2F”, “3F” or “LOBO” correct Italian nuts and bolts. Every fastener used on the car has been correctly plated, either with clear cadmium or black zinc, or chrome. Another interesting feature of this early production example is that there is not one single Phillips head machine screw or regular Phillips screw on the car – every fastener of this type is Slot Head, another telltale that this is a very early car. Also, all hose clamps are of course the correct “Cotter” pin style band clamps…

Mechanically the car is just beginning to be “broken in” – the engine fires and starts instantly, the transmission shifts smoothly, the suspension is incredibly sure footed, and the all new brakes are incredibly strong…
Because the car is so new all the major systems are just beginning their “bedding-in” or “break-in” process – the new owner should follow the 1950’s era Alfa Romeo Giulietta “Initial Break-In” procedures and schedules for torqueing head bolts, changing fluids, adjusting brakes and so on…this car is mechanically that new…

To sum up, taken together – the early production number, the matching numbers, the degree of fit and finish and attention to detail, and the totally rebuild of every system – this is essentially a new Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider available for ownership today in the year 2011.

Bid on it, win it, then take it to the upcoming Monterey Historics and have the earliest production restored Spider in the show – then put it in your car collection and enjoy driving it from time to time as it continues to appreciate in value year in and year out…

It is what it is – Spider #134 – one of the earliest surviving Alfa Romeo Giuliettas left in the World…

I would like to see this car go to a good home with an Alfisti or other sympathetic owner so please feel free to contact me via email with any further questions. If you’re local to the SoCal area, viewings and test drives can also be arranged in advance. Feel free to contact me and we can arrange for more pictures or viewings or whatever…

For U.S. buyers a 10% non-refundable deposit is required within 3 days of the auction’s end, the balance to be paid within 7 days of the auction’s end. Foreign buyers must pay in full within 7 business days of auction’s end. Buyer is responsible for shipping, however I’d be more than happy to help with delivering the car to the Port of Los Angeles for worldwide shipping or help with loading the car up with an enclosed shipper for Continental US Delivery. The car is listed locally and I reserve the right to end the auction at any time should it sell prior to auction’s end.

Thanks for your interest, and good luck bidding!”

I could roll in this.  Note the early style gear shift lever.  Some of these were column shift -imagine that!  Did these really have a stripe of red piping along the dash edge nosing?

How great would it be to just enjoy this without constantly thinking -it cost me $329 to restore that gauge or -the chrome on that gear shift lever cost me $233? I could.  Anyone got $70K to spare so I can put it to the test?  I know there are guys who could buy this as easily as I buy a hamburger -they could just as easily buy it for me.

Minimal junk.  Did the trunk mats always have piping?

Right right from the beginning.  I dig the smooth singing of the 1300 on cam.  Give it a chance.  Did they really have wrinkle finish cam covers?

That’s my name -don’t wear it out!

$50K as I write with some time to go.  It couldn’t have been cheap to get this car in this shape.  New owner will have quite a ride.


3 thoughts on “Market 319: Spider 750D 00134

  1. My ’59 Veloce has it’s original wrinkle finish cam cover (some of which has flaked off at this point). As for the piping on the trunk mat, my original mat does not have piping, but obviously it is a much later car.

  2. I hope a windfall comes your way Matt in time to bid on this one.
    I have never before (now) heard that 56 Giulietta’s had a Weber rather than Solex ? This car seems so nice, the seller should not have to over sell.

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