You forget they were new once

Jeff of Hardtuned shared these pictures with me that Tom Hardy shared with him of his dads new 750 Sprint.  Where is it now?

Maybe the Mt. Rose pass area of Lake Tahoe?  Sprints are pretty good off road.

This is the lookout above Emerald Bay near South Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Very near the previous spot. 

Original California plate and all.  Looks like a new car!

Note the door details and some interior details.  Very neat to see.

Anyone else have any period Giulietta or Giulia pictures to share?

Thanks Jeff and Tom!


4 thoughts on “You forget they were new once

  1. My o my …….. how nostalgic. Just think how much better the times and country were. The Sprint, and passengers, simply represent that era, and beautifully so.

  2. Having recently acquired a 1959 Sprint, I was thrilled to see these lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing them. I am preaching to the choir, but every time I take the car on the road, the attention the car get is almost over the top. I suspect that this was also the case at the time the pictures were taken.

  3. Wonderful evocative photos, I love these every time I see them. There are a great series of period photos still not published. Thank you.
    As far as How much better the country was- that is always the lement of the aged, I’ll try to stay optimistic and enjoy my 50’s cars in 2011 and beyond, and I feel that I live in good fortune to have 21st century medicine. It’s up to the young to create a bright moral future for the country (planet).

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