Market 318: Spider 00599!

Update 8/7/11: Sold to the man in the big yellow hat for $32,200!

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*00599, 1315*40613.  This very well preserved (or neglected to good effect if you prefer) early Spider is on eBay right now from often in action and well respected seller ‘Davelit’.  Check it out now.

Good start.  Car was originally light blue -would be nice to see it go back.  Hood fits very well.

Door fit is good too.  00599 is pretty early.  I’ve only seen a handful of earlier cars.

Tires are ancient relics, but they do hold air.

Looks to have had a badge of some sort below the trunk lock at some point.

Carpet goes back to new -as probably do the seats.  A lot of the early cars have this larger rear view mirror -original?

Nice.  Just like mom used to make.

Nice yellow block.  Cool.  Early intake manifold again.  I guess my parts book is incorrect in saying it’s a Sprint only part.

Not to be confused with anyone else.

I think the fact that these cars still come out of the wood work regularly says a lot about survivorship.  Yeah -I know a lot of you old timers cut em up and stuff, but you are definitely in the minority.  Should go for pretty good money..


7 thoughts on “Market 318: Spider 00599!

  1. Look at the firewall, behind the air cleaner housing. Did early 750d chassis have a divot on the firewall here? I’m curious because s/n 1495-1298 followed me home recently. It has a cresent shape relief in the same spot, that I though needed correction. I’ve never noticed this before on a 750 Spider.

    • The divot in the firewall is original. Not sure when that feature was deleted, Car 1495.00599 has it, another car that I have is a 57 number1495.01469 does not have the divot but still has the early firewall with the choke cable opening in the middle. DB

  2. Rather than Ooh and Ahh over this Spider – a potential buyer should be asking how a 1956 Giulietta got plastic insulate wiring throughout; and why is the soft-top frame not painted black; and why are so many nuts and bolts new replacements ???
    This is not a preserved car – it’s an older “resto-ration” that is being offered while the market is at an all time high. Caveat emptor.

  3. Rare matching numbers complete car…. This car is a restorers dream come true. Very straight forward and COMPLETE!!! I think thats key. I also think its gonna take deep pockets to lock this one up!

  4. After carefully watching and participating in the Alfa Giulietta market for several years, and seeing the upward swing in prices especially for the rarer early cars and Veloces, I’m sure that this car when properly restored can be sold for in excess of $90,000.
    The seller is showing plenty of clear, helpful photos, showing all the important elements to be considered, and offering a clear and concise description of the car which plainly states that it will require a complete restoration. Additional photos and information are also offered for the asking. THOSE ARE THE FACTS!
    How can anyone complain about a wiring harness that’s going straight in the garbage can, a soft-top frame that will definitely be repainted anyway, and a few odd nuts and bolts on the bottom of the car ???
    If I didn’t have three Giuliettas in restoration already, I’d be on this one like white on rice.
    Unfortunately too many American Alfa “collectors” are talkers and not doers.
    This one will probably end up in Europe like so many of the beautiful little examples offered in the past few years, never to return to our shores.


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