Market 317: Spider Telaio 00040!

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*00040.  This car, available on was brought to my attention by Elmar who keeps an eye on the European market for interesting cars.  A quick disclaimer is that the seller states that it is car number 40, but I haven’t seen a picture of the vin to verify that it is in fact that car.  Whatever the vin, this is a great looking early Spider.

Looks funny in this pose.  I don’t know that I’ve featured this look before in a headline picture.

Another leafy lane providing nostalgic backdrop to a very nice Giulietta.  Seller says this car came from America.  Anyone know it?

Body and shut lines look very nice.  I think celeste might be replacing gray as my favorite Giulietta color.  I feel like a kid having a favorite color…

The sunlight filtering through the trees gives this an almost sepia tone feel.  Not overly restored -just right.

Early shift lever and what’s up with the round access at the corner there?  I know it’s for the windscreen pillar bolt 0but do all Spiders have it like that?

No junk.  ZA?

This looks to have the Sprint style intake manifold that uses the in-hose thermostat.  When I see how nice these valve covers look in dull finish I question the common practices of painting in wrinkle-finish or polishing to mirror.  Very nice job – kudos to whom ever restored this engine compartment.

It’s as easy as 55,000 Euro’s and it’s yours.  Probably a decent buy as these cars are appreciating and very early examples of any classic tend to be the most valuable.


1 thought on “Market 317: Spider Telaio 00040!

  1. Back in about 1969 or 70 I attended the monthly Washington, D.C. auto impound lauction at the big lot down I-295 near the Blue Plains sewage treatment facility looking for a cheap car. There was an Alfa Romeo convertible listed in the Washington Post to be auctioned. It was red with a black top and interior – appeared to be fairly complete – there were features that I did not recognize from my 58 Spider like a hood prop that eminated from the center of the firewall to the center of the hood – but the most interesting thing was the serial number 1495*00039 I lost the bid to a fellow who paid $150 – probably lost to the crusher long ago

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