Market 316: Pretty good Spider in Houston

Update 6/30/11: Failed to sell for $24,500.

Giulietta Spider 10103*169986 DriverSource out of Houston Texas, who have had a few cars listed on this site over the years now has this Spider listed on eBay.  While it has its problems, it is a pretty good place to start Giulietta Spider ownership -as it runs, drives, stops, is complete, and doesn’t have gaping holes.  On top of that it’s a good looking enough car that you wont feel bad using it as is until you can get a coat of original gray paint back on it (or whatever you want but I advise gray).

Wow guys -great composition!  The green, the red, the blue, the road, the horizon.  Nice looking car too.

Not sure why but original cars seem to ride up at the corners.  Drop this a bit and it’ll go from Sunday poke-about to back-roads racer.  Still looks great.  That said my Sprint is still an ‘up in the corners Sunday poke-about’.

This is how it happened:  The body got a color change to make pedestrians happy because that’s who the driver wanted to impress -probably college-age female pedestriansDoor jambs, dash, trunk, undersides of lids etc all are left untouched because once you got her in the car it was again all about being seen, not whether the dash color matched the body and she probably didn’t care about the details anyway when the sun was shining and edges of a 45 mph breeze played in her hair.  The upside is if you like gray then a quick blow-over will get you back to passing go.

Looking good.

The last car I wrote about that had an original hard-top was a project and I commented that the car would probably sell to someone who just wanted the hard top.  Turned out I was right.  What’d you do with the rest of the car John?  My dad wants one…

There will be rust.  Not soul crushing -make you need to sit down and rethink your particular approach to dealing with the absurdity of human endeavor in the face of the brevity and no-one-cares-anywayness of life rust, just maybe $800 or $1200 worth of worthwhile metal work.

I always think of Rudolph Valentino’s described perspective in ‘Celluloid Heroes’ by the Kinks when looking at a shot like this.  Looks good enough -or they rattle canned the underside with undercoating.  One way to find out.

More pristine -er, at least pretty well preserved gray.  I’m supposed to get my original Solex carb back from George Dolak soon to put on my Sprint and then I can put the original air box back on.  Will look a bit like this.

This is not the nicest Spider but it is a very good place to start and what it needs to be a nice car is not as difficult as a lot of projects I see roll through these pages.  Go for it.


6 thoughts on “Market 316: Pretty good Spider in Houston

  1. Fun read, Matt. I like and dislike this one for all the reasons you mention. It does need to be gray again – there’s just nothing better than that gray on red combo with a spider.

    I’ll be in Texas soon…hmmm.

    Also, thanks for using “anywayness” in a sentence.

  2. You should read my recent ebay auctions…

    Can you use the word ‘and’ 5 times in a row in a correct english sentence?

    I can

  3. So have a great low-sprung track car for the track ; AND use a “high in the corners” car like a Giulietta for some rough but fast twisties like Stewart’s Pt.-Scaggs Springs road or the Cazadero-Meyer’s Grade driving! Guarantee’d to raise a smile…

  4. Could the high in the corners look be caused by modern low profile 15″ tires ? A friend bought a Sprint recently that was cured of the roller skate look by fitting the right aspect ratio tires.
    Laurence, you have me checking google maps as soon as I finish this. I better come up and chase your Sprint around your favorite roads some long weekend.

    • Good point on the tires. I’m rolling some Vred 155’s so my high in the corners is just old tall springs I guess.


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