Market 313: Nice survivor Sprint on Bring a Trailer

Giulietta Sprint 10105 1493*21069Bring a Trailer has this car listed as an exclusive for a long time owner.  A good portion of the paint is original Amber White, interior is original.  Engine was rebuilt 30 years ago to Veloce spec though aside from manifold and carbs, a cold air/filter system needs to be purchased.  Asking price is $23,500.  A bit high by usual Sprint project standards, but this is no ‘usual’ Sprint project.  A Sprint buyer looking for originality, no rust, black plates, complete history etc will have no problem paying for this.  I suspect it is sold as I write, but I want to share this beauty with any Giuliettas readers who are not BaT readers.

Resprayed door is apparent in this picture.  Lost headlight ring?  I still want a pair of these lenses.  You still have that one for me Brad?

They are neat in white.  Stands a lot like my Sprint -fronts a little high without the engine in place though.  Tail lights look great.

EDU 674.  Cool.  Reminds me I need to mount my front plate.  Hood fit is excellent.

I’m digging the white more and more.  Plate frame is from the original dealer.  Jeez those taillight lenses are nice!

This is all original.  Carpets will be ashy and the seat foam will be crumbling.  Great care will be required to salvage a lot of this.  Oh -and it will smell pretty interesting too.

Door panel looks very nice.  One of the best originals I’ve seen.  The door sealing rubber living against the paint at the doors edge has discolored it.  Should polish out for the most part.  I’m not sure why but these door pulls are hard to find and tend to be expensive when they come up for sale.

Original trunks were in black just like this -not some smooth sprayed on black with a fancy finish and body color accents -the junior intern at Bertone brushed this stuff on -unfortunately over bare metal and it offers very little protection.  Spare tire clamp is in one of the boxes pictured on Flickr.  I wonder if it has a tool kit?

Engine compartment needs some work.  Not sure about the gray engine compartment.  My old Amber White Sprint Veloce had body color, but I’ve seen others in Gray.  Greig?

Very nice!!  I have the aluminum bits to install in my car and this has me wanting to install them -time to buy an underhood mat.

They stopped listing the engine number after car 20825 but before this one -21069.  This is about the same range the rockers went from open to closed.

Manifold is 101 Veloce.  Carbs are probably 40 DCOE 2’s.  Oil pan is Veloce.  Pressure plate is reinforced.  Has ‘hot’ cams, if built in the early 80’s this could mean anything from Pittatore to Euro 1750 to 2000.  Unfortunately this has to come apart, fortunately for nothing more than a re-assembly lube and reseal.


You know you want it.  You wont regret it.  This car running and driving and detailed out if listed at Fantasy Junction would be near $50,000.  Money to be made here if that’s your thing… really.


4 thoughts on “Market 313: Nice survivor Sprint on Bring a Trailer

  1. I had a look at this little time capsule this evening, at its new San Diego county home. Under the baggage shelf were three, new in box, very old Tricor wiper blades.A small spiral notebook has every oil change recorded. The green paint on the Girling shocks is surprisingly free of stone chips, rust and mud. The third set of Sprint jack point covers I’ve ever seen were on the four jack openings. The spare in the boot looks to be a forty year old Michelin, the silver wheel has taken that greenish tinge, and has a beautiful Fergat sticker. The engine bay gray color coat underlaps the black undercoat. An eastern Giulietta driver says his 61 Sprint is this way also? The jack is secured in it’s leather strap, but no tool kit that I could see.The brand new Veloce gage set still have bright plating on the housings. And it goes on. The new owner has sourced a NOS headlight ring, and has deep resources for Giulietta restoration, but respects this cars originality. Someone once said, “I love old car smell”, this one has it to perfection.

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