Market 311: ‘Dazzling’ 1959 Normale Spider

Update 5/29/11: 1 bid, reserve not met.  So it goes.

Giulietta Spider 10103This car is on eBay right now out of Oak Park Ill.  Seller has had it 12 years and doesn’t state a selling reason -perhaps they saw an opening -a dry spell where no good Giulietta’s have been listed on eBay for a while.  Looks like a fine car in an unusual color combo -off white with blue interior..

I like the dusky light here.  Everything looks good on the body.  No vin is stated but if someone catches it let me know so this guy can take its place in the register.

I wonder if they’ve had ground clearance problems with that plate being below the bumper?  Trunk lid fits great.  These are the very cool tail lights  in between the Lucas ovals and the ‘big’ tail lights.

Interior looks pretty good.  Seller says the seats are vinyl that feels just like leather and that they haven’t shown any wear in the 12 years he’s owned the car -little surprise, as he continues the description and says he’s only driven it 100 miles in 12 years.  Steering wheel looks like a MotoLita like was on a Sprint Veloce I owned a few years ago.  I’m not enthusiastic about the stuffed steering wheel rim.

Auction text: “This amazing, ground up restoration was a labor of love and attention to originality with touches of luxury that are tasteful, yet completely in keeping with the spirit of the car. 

The engine is rebuilt with less than 100 miles on it. The car was given a top-to-bottom mechanical inspection and “overhaul” by Besic Motorsports — Mike Besic is one of the top Alfa mechanics in the country. New brakes, brake lines, exhaust system, new Weber carb, fuel pump, and more. 

The body and paint are spectacular. The gentleman who restored the car was a professional industrial/automotive painter and there are 8 coats of lacquer and all chrome and other parts are refurbished . Upon very close inspection, there are a few tiny imperfections — a few half inch or so long stress cracks near a few attached metal parts, but you really have to look hard to find them. The underside of the car is painted beautifully as well.

The luxury-type upgrades include superbly upholstered and cushy seats and steering wheel covered with a very high grade vinyl (for the first 5 years I owned this car, I assumed they were leather — when they didn’t wear or fade, I did a careful inspection and was astonished to determine that they were vinyl). The carpet is a plush wool with inlaid Alfa emblem (see pic). The top is a fine grade cloth with a nice clear window. I installed seat belts recently.

I’ve owned the car for 12 years and it hasn’t been driven more than 100 miles — just quick jaunts around town. On May 21, 2011, the car got a tune up and it runs like a top.

This wonderful car deserves an owner who can drive it often and enjoy it. I would be glad to show the car, provide more info or photos, or answer any questions you might have about this rare and stunning automobile.”

Less than 100 miles is slightly past ring break in period.  Mike Besic built this engine -if his reputation is deserved it should give no trouble.   Carb appears to be a Weber.  Note the polished radiator top -happens some times.

The opening bid for this car is $24,000.  I’m sure it will see some action before long.  When I’m in the market I’ll buy something like this.


2 thoughts on “Market 311: ‘Dazzling’ 1959 Normale Spider

  1. I actually tried to contact the buyer and it seemed like he had several offers in the 35k range that he was considering.

    24k would have been a steal.

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