Project: Dads 1947 Chevy 3100 part 3

I managed to get up to my dads house on Monday to grab some Sprint parts I need to help overcome a bad transmission (more later) and while I was there we spent two hours and pulled the pistons out of the 216 just to make sure there was no rust as suggested by a guy on the Stovebolt forum.  You will remember the engine was stuck from sitting for years -but that I had managed with no small effort to turn it over.  Something was making it stick and it’s not much work to pull the pistons out when the engine is on a stand with the head off.  Why not?

Nice little stain like smokers teeth.  Remember the smokers toothpaste commercial -‘imagine what smoking a pack a day will do your teeth?’  I always thought -imagine what it would do to your lungs.  This is what #6 looked like when it dropped out of the hole.

The corresponding bore.  Nothing a quick hone wont take care of.

Here’s one after.  There is still a faint bit of rust here so I hit it one more time,

Fortunate that the rings didn’t have any rust.  Yep -those are wine stains. 

Brass bristle wire brushes are nice.  These look much better.

Another problem is the assembly lube had turned into a sticky clay-like mess that required some cleaning.

Connecting rod journals look great.  Number 1 connecting rod was replaced when they rebuilt the engine.  I wonder why?

It would have been nice to get everything all cleaned up and reassembled but I had a schedule to keep so I left it with everything apart on the bench.  Maybe it will find it’s way back together before I go up for my next visit.


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