Market 310: 101 Spider in Florida

Update:  Seller ended the auction early to honor a verbal contract he thought had fallen through -even though bidding had surpassed the contract price.  The honorable thing to do.

Giulietta Spider 10103*170509, 00102*25833.  This Spider is available right now on eBay.  Seller is out of Florida and has been featured here a few times selling cars like this.  The car would be a great candidate to get going and use as is if it weren’t for some ugly rust.  It’s fixable but it’s not going to be fun!

Originally gray with red, now red with red.  Front end looks pretty good -trim and all is straight.

This looks to have been a pretty good car that was let rot some where.  This side is very straight and the rear trim looks as good as the front.

These are not the early open rockers -these are rusted out!  Odd that the rust on this car is exclusively in the bottom 3 inches.  Someone will fix it.

Interior is not bad.  Steering wheel and gauges look great.  Funny they used wood grain contact paper to cover the gray.  The edge trim on the dash is incorrect for this series Spider.  Should be the wrinkle finish edge rather than the vinyl cap.

Stuck from sitting -oh what fun with a press!  More very original under here.  Lots of good pictures of this in the Flickr set.

Positive ID: AR 170509.

This car is already $3800 with 6+ days to go.  I think it will be just under $10K.  Rust repair effort will be big but a nice car will emerge.


5 thoughts on “Market 310: 101 Spider in Florida

  1. Great write up as usual, but the dash top is correct – the 101 series with the big tail lights from mid-1961 had the padded vinyl top.

  2. This auction ended early with the bid at over $10K … but it wasn’t a money issue that ended it. The Seller is a straight-up guy and honored a prior commitment with a European buyer.
    Sorry to see it leave the USA but glad that there are reputable Alfisti still amongst us !

  3. I must also add that you are getting very good at evaluating these cars.. and formulating your observation based on the proper representation of the car. This car is going back to Italy where it will be restored to its former glory, probably by an older craftsman who was a former Alfa employee… I think now that many people rely on for your input. Great job. The archive’s are a quick refrence to many projects here in our shop.

    Ciao Ric

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