Market 301: Giulia SS project 381313

Update 5/9/11: After an Atlantic crossing this feller has been put back up for sale.  This time in the UK.  Check it out.  Make an offer.  Description is a little odd -saying the restoration process was started 6 – 7 months ago…

“The car needs to be restored.I start the restoration process 6-7 months ago,but I don’t have the money to finish it.The body is in excellent shape.The engine starts and runs perfect ( no mechanical problems ).Matching numbers. Excellent car to restore.”

Update 4/13/11: 18 bids, $32,750.  Not bad!

Originally posted 4/5/11: Giulia Sprint Speciale 10121*381313, 00121*01302. This car is on eBay right now from Gullwing in New York after spending a few weeks on their site listed with an asking price of $32,000.  There have been a lot of SS’s moving around the last couple of months, from record setting auction results and record setting asking prices, to rough projects and everything in between.  This car is obviously at the ‘rough projects’ end of the spectrum, but the matching number engine with correct intake components, the lack of any substantial rust or accident damage and the presence of much of the unique to SS’s trim makes this a pretty good starting point, even better if you’re a skilled DIYer who is enthusiastic to own one of these.  Bidding at time of writing is $18,200, reserve not met.  Check out BaT’s mention here and especially the comments -lots of humorous somewhat uninformed opinions peppered with wisdom.

Where to begin… panel fit is good, ride height is even at all corners, corner lights and bumper brackets are in the right places, no obvious rot etc.  Flat black is right up there with flat white and primer for smoothing things over and blending the bad and good.  Front wheel appears to be a Borrani, rear a Fergat.  Go look at it in person if you are serious about it -especially considering the sellers 80% feedback score and the rarity of SS parts.

Trunk lid fits well and there is no evidence of rust through or accident damage.  That wheel is definitely a Fergat, unusual for 101 cars this late in production, they seem to be mostly Borrani’s by this time.  Lots of little bits to verify the presence of in the boxes.  Tail light bases are very tough to find.

Okay -two more Fergats -that makes it 3 Fergats and one Borrani.  Buy a Fergat and use the Boranni as a spare.  Car looks longer and lower than usual -I think it’s an illusion created by the absence of windows and their accompanying trim.  Passenger door fits pretty good too.

While it does look crappy in here -it doesn’t look rusty.

Looks rather good in here.   Steering wheel is uncracked, not unusual for SS’s -maybe due to the limited sunlight that reached the black rim -even with the car in full sunlight, due to the closeness of the cabin.  Gauges look great, rear view mirror is correct, glove box lock, switches etc etc all look fine.  Floors appear to be solid -usually rusting below the windshield corners first if anywhere.  Seats are correct as are what can be seen of the seat tracks.

Engine looks to have gotten the WD40 treatment -the same idea as wetting a car before taking pictures, but safe for ignition components etc.  Intake manifold and plenum are correct rare Giulia SS items.  Airbox is missing, but may be in one of the boxes.  Probably would run with little fuss.

They transitioned from slotted cheese-head screws to hold firewall grommet retaining brackets to Philips button-head screws as 105 production ramped up.  The vin, 381313.

Looks like most of the window surround trim and bumpers are present.  I would ask for a complete inventory of parts or photographs of every part that I should expect to receive if I was serious about this car -not that you would get them, but it’s worth asking.

There you have it.  A bull would say ‘Want an SS project while they’re still affordable?  Go for it.’  A contrarian would say ‘Want an SS project while good cars are at the top of the market? Go for it!’  I say don’t worry about the market -if you let the market make you decisions, you’ll live a confused, dictated-by-others life.  Buy what you want and like.  Most guys I know that are in enviable ownership positions just bought what they wanted when they wanted it and took care of it/hung on to it because they like it.  My Sprint probably could be described thus.


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