Period Bay Area 1600 Spider pictures

Jeffrey Writes that he bought this 1964 Spider 1600 for $3100 at Rezzaghi Motors in San Francisco while a graduate student.  A trip around the block in a friends Spider instigated the purchase – must have seemed like a race car compared to the Renault Dauphine he had at the time!  License plate was a California black plate MXR 778.  Is this car still around somewhere?  Drop me a line if you know of its where-abouts  Thank You for sharing these Jeffrey!

This was taken around the time the Marin Civic Center was completed.  Car looks fabulous!

Jeffrey says this is Point Reyes.  I’m not familiar with this spot.  Looks like a front crash bar was added since the last shot -no doubt to add a little protection as it was parked on Telegraph Hill on the street at this time.

Little rubber bumpers were added on the over-riders for the same reason as the front crash bar.   Positive ID on the plate here.  Looks like maybe the Placerville area.  I feel like I’ve seen this car around.  Hmmm.

Jeffrey reports the only trouble it gave during his ownership were a bumper that came loose due to missing lock-washers, a burst oil pressure send line (seen that happen -not pretty) and the battery being installed backward upon purchase making the gas gauge not work.

Alright y’all, keep these period pictures coming -my new favorite part of keeping this blog.


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