Market 305: US Market modified Giulietta SS

Update 4/25/11:  Wrong engine… wrong nose… missing trim… $28,655.55… I think I would have sold it…

Originally posted 4/15/11: Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10117 10120*00246The latest to emerge from the woodwork since SS’s officially got expensive is this car on eBay right now out of Florida that scooterist Paul pointed out to me.  I’ve seen it before -that nose is unmistakable, can’t remember when, but I think it had something to do with Bobcor, which I believe is no more.

It’s got nostrils.  I’ve seen a few with this treatment.  Some trim is missing up here.  Hood fits good.  Not bad on balance.

Hood is ajar.  Looks to have been lowered at some point.  Wheels are Fergats all around.  The outer trim that holds the window felt is missing from the door.  I know someone who has one.

Lots more trim missing back here.  Nothing necessary though.  Door fits good.  Rear wheel well appears to have a non-stock lip -didn’t notice it in the last picture.

Okay, yeah.  Looks about right.

More little stuff missing -spare, fuel door and trunk mat.  One will ant a picture with the carpet removed to inspect for rust.

Incorrect steering wheel with a nice correct horn button.  Dash should be body color and there is some sort of space-age control panel in place of the usual knobs and ash tray.  Not the end of the world.

Someone with massive underarm sweat spent a lot of time leaning on the door in a tank top.  Is that a zipper below the handle?  No door pull on this side, drivers side has a Fiat 600 item.

Seller says it runs good -hopefully in short spurts since the upper radiator hose is missing.  Incorrect brake fluid reservoir.  Cam cover, intake manifold and fan make me think this is a late 1600.  If it runs without smoke it should be okay for a little while.

Hello my name is 10117 10120 00246.  10117??  That was the official designation for the Giulietta Sprint Specials imported to the US.  Some say about 100 were specifically raised for the US market and will wear this number.

It needs and is missing a lot of stuff to be original, but someone is going to go for it -you watch.  Heck, it’s $18,660, reserve not met already.


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