Market 307: Don’t blink or you’ll miss 750E 06600

Giulietta Sprint Veloce ‘Confortevole’ 750E 1493*06600, 1315*31079.  This very complete and very rough and one of about 200 so very rare SVC was on eBay for all of about 2 hours before being purchased, Buy it Now for $12,000.  Seller listed the car in Columbia, SC.  Thanks Corey for pointing it out!

Pulled from what would have been a leafy death just in the nick of time.  Headlights look like original Carello units.  Hood fits great.  Door hinges work.  No evidence of rubbing noses with anyone too aggressively.  Hints of bluette paint?  A winner!

Yep -$12,000 smackeroo’s.  A good deal?  I’m going to say yes, would have been a solid deal at the $20,000+ it would have made if it had sold through the usual 7 day auction.  One of these cars hasn’t changed hands in a while -especially in project form on the open market.

Beautiful country.  I wonder if this cars long time Giulia Sedan partner is going to escape to a better place?  Trunk fit is superb.  Even the little bullseye Alfa badge above the ‘Sprint Veloce’ script is correct in that it’s not sitting on the chrome base.

How is it the wheels look so good and the tires so bad?  Trunk is probably quite rusty.  No problem.

I can’t say for sure but it looks to have been brown.  This is a good car!

Rear view mirror is late Sprint/SS type as is the steering wheel -well, the SS has a different hub.  Oh-Sh*t handle in front of the glove box is interesting.  Seat is 69 – 71 GT item.  That box has brake shoes in it.  There’s another box behind the drivers seat.  Nice rust hole.

Looks like all the stock stuff -even the Tudor wash bottle.  Hope the other 40DCO3 is around somewhere and that the plenum and cold air box are with it.  At least one of the cold air box mounting straps is in place.

I still haven’t seen a firewall stamping -but it’s hard to imagine this isn’t 06600.

Where are the SVC’s in the pecking order of Giulietta Values?  Below Lightweights -even though rarer, below SZ’s, below low-nose SS’s.  Tough to say beyond that.  Neat that a car like this is out there to snap up at a decent price!


11 thoughts on “Market 307: Don’t blink or you’ll miss 750E 06600

  1. Dear Matt:
    Basically all there, ecpecially the hard to find trim bits, right equipment except for seats, steering wheel and voltage regulator. If the current ebay troller flakes you may get another chance, otherwise he/she has really scored a rare deal! Numbers matching? Probably. Tunnelcase present. 101 rear bumper, missing front bumper: this job will perhaps show up after resto with aluminum bumpers. Last SVC (real) on your blog for sale mid-2008! A total Score!

  2. I find the very interesting thing about this Sprint is that it is (according to the parts book)the Very Last eyebrow Sprint ever made and it’s a Veloce.

  3. Dave,

    06611 is the bona fide very last SVC, and it is my car currently under restoration. My car had significantly less rust damage than the one on ebay and and to date, after poking a little bid here and a little bid there we have logged 250 hrs of sheet metal work and metal fabrication. I am just curious, what is going to take to resuscitate this particular sample. In order to correctly restore the unique models it requires to have a good model side by side otherwise the hrs required to complete this car will increase exponentially. For that I am VERY lucky because a have several to use as reference. anyone interested in restoration photos just shoot me an email or go to the BB group where I have posted some of the progress.


    • Lionel,

      I told the buyer about your SVC. He has the resources/drive to get it done right.

      Have you seen or heard from 06612?


      • Lionel, is your car an eyebrow Sprint? The 1960 Parts book that I use lists the first car with the full grille inserts as Sprint #1493.06601. DaveB

      • Matt,

        I have not heard of 06612, but anything newer than 06611 is a 2nd series Sprint. Good send him my way, I will deliver a proper and correct sheet metal finished car for him.


      • Lionel,

        I’ll forward him your info.

        How do you know 06612 is not an eyebrow car? Curious.


  4. Matt, Dave et al.,

    Several years ago our friend Graig Smith from South Africa is the foremost authority of the Sprint Veloces. He shared with me then the following thoughts “It seems that the Confortovale’s ran from 06000 to 06600 – actually more accurately from 06009 to 06611 – both known cars, 06600 is purported to be the chassis number for the change for the 101 type nose & grilles, but thanks to your car, we know that it was just after this.” Matt, that said, if you now of 06612 let us know. Here are some photos on 06611 progress work. Notice that this vehicle IS a 1st series SVC.



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