Market 303: 1600 Spider racer project

Update 4/21/11: 20 bids resulted in $3050.  About right I suppose.

Originally published 4/13/11: Spider 1600 10123*378082. This car is on eBay right now out of Florida.  Car has 7 bids at a price of $1000 as I write this.  Good to see sellers who understand the value of eBay is in starting low and hoping competition for the product occurs.  Car is your usual budget prep neglected track day project needing lots of help.

One of the unfortunates -beaten and abused from living fast in its youth.  Ready now for some respect and care.

Rough in a lot of ways, but if the price is right this may not be a bad start for a handy DIYer.  Trunk lid will need some delicate work to get it in shape.

Luigi will tell you this can be fixed, but that it’s no fun.

Under those homemade gauge backing plates I would hope to find things as they’re supposed to be.  Unfamiliar steering wheel.

Assume the wheel arch edges have been removed.  I have to wonder if a nice bondo radius mated this wheel opening to the body.  Just do it right, cut it off, and make it stock.  They handle just fine on non-ridiculous width tires.  Wheel is maybe from a Ford of some sort?

I may get a hard time from Uncle Rick for not calling this a parts car, but even with Pink Floyd Animals playing in the background, this looks like another challenging starting poiny.


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