Market 306: 2 Sprint package deal in Greece

Giulietta Sprint 10102*156687 & 750B 1493*09653.  Dimitrios sent me an email letting me know this pair of cars was available from a private party in Greece for €31,000 -about $44,700.  The first car is a good driver without the original engine and not a Veloce according to d’Amico and Tabucchi.  Second car is all apart and in bare metal.  Some of the more prominent trim can be seen in the pictures as can some duplicate mechanical stuff, but no mention is made of an engine or transmission.  If you’re interested, send me an email and I’ll get you in contact with the seller.

First the driver.  Externally this car is in good shape with excellent panel fit, very fine trim/chrome and that purposeful poise of a car that gets used.  There are several pictures of this car in the Flickr set (click on the VIN to go there) participating in an event in Greece.

Outside the villa, behind one of those fancy new-fangled Alfa’s.  Car wears a Veloce badge at the back but d’A&T don’t list this vin as Veloce.  Again -a very nice driver.

Engine is I believe a 1600.  Intake set up looks interesting with a home-made cold air box and a 105 plenum.  It’s tidy and does the job.

Interior looks like it could use a good clean up but overall compliments the condition of the car.  Seats don’t appear to be original, rear view mirror is not original and steering wheel may be an early 105 item.

This is a great car for the guy who wants a driver that can be improved little by little doing weekend projects like wiring up and assembling the dome lights, sourcing and swapping out these seats for original items etc.

This is a pretty late 101 bodied 750B.  Body is in bare metal (obviously) and looks to be straight and rust free.  In one of the pictures are a lot of the little interior trim pieces and glass.

Looks like wheels could be bolted on for transport.  Door and rear lid shut lines look good.  There is a picture in this cars Flickr set of a pile of suspension pieces.  I guess it comes with spares?

OOO – AAHThe shiny expensive stuff.  You probably want to ask for an inventory in the form of about a couple hundred pictures of very little part .

For purposes of positive identification.

How does the money break down here?  Tough to say, but probably something along the lines of 80/20 which is €24,800 and €6,200.  Not a bad deal really if the project car is relatively complete and the driver is capable of frequent use.  Transport from Greece?  Depends on where you are -might be a good excuse to take a vacation.


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