Market 302: Spider Veloce starter project

Giulietta Spider 10107 1495*07526. This car is available now from Jack L Hunt Automotive in San Rafael via Hemmings.  Car is the odd combination of a transition 1300 Spider Veloce and a 1600 Normale engine.  Seller says it comes with California Black Plates.  Cool!  Asking price is $24,500, only $74,500 cheaper than slightly younger sibling 07600 who made $99,000 at Amelia Island recently.

Great shut lines!  Drivers door shuts as well.  Nose is pretty good too.

Trunk lid fits good too.  Seller claims a lot of the missing trim is included.

The ad text: “We just found this car, in a garage, untouched since 1977! The vehicle started life in California as 1959 Giulietta Spider Veloce and has “Black” Calif plates. The former owner of the car wrecked his 64 Giulia and purchased this Giulietta without engine and transmission for a transplant. He installed his then fresh 1600 normale motor and we believe a 5speed trans. Next he removed all trim and body components, stripped the red paint to bare metal,primed it and then lost interest. So it has been sitting in dry storage since 1977 unmolested and undriven. The car appears to be pretty complete, with lots of boxes of parts, windshield frame, conv top and frame, seats, some trim, hinges and bumper parts. The body and chassis appears to be very rust free. It appears this chassis lived the life of a race car for a while (no log book) because of hood pins, indications of roll bar mounting and fender mods for larger tires. Chassis looks original with front and rear drums, boranni wheels, but no visible upgrades to suspension  sway bar or springs except Koni Shocks.  Vin # 1495F07526 make it a 1959 “transitional” year with the smaller (back up lamp) tail lamps, door 1/4 glass of a 101  and separate top hooks. There are NOT any Veloce motor parts, Webers, air filter or air box from the original motor.Please contact me for additional information or pictures

$24,500 negotiable”

Vroom.  1600 Normale engine, left dormant for 3o+ years.  Shame no 1300 Veloce stuff is available.

Nice trunk -very little junk.

Floors aren’t bad either.  Apparently black rubber pedal covers benefit from primer too…

What does a complete 750 Veloce engine go for these days?  $10K?  You gotta want the project.


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