Pledge Drive

Update 4/8/11: I am humbled by the out-pouring of appreciation for this site and the generosity of you all.  THANK YOU.  The bills are paid.  Back to the regularly scheduled program.

Originally posted 4/6/11: It works for NPR so maybe it will work for me.  My hosting, domain mapping etc bills are due in a few weeks and I thought I’d reach out to you all, my readers and see if you felt like helping me get current.  If you’ve found my site helpful or entertaining why not support it?  Just click on the ‘Support Giuliettas’ tab above and then the Paypal ‘Donate’ button, you don’t need a Paypal account to donate.  I’d appreciate it a lot!

Hello SS in the dust.


6 thoughts on “Pledge Drive

  1. I do enjoy your site. As a young 81 year old it is a pleasure to see what you young “whippersnappers” are doing. I too am restoring a couple of old cars and trucks.I am doing a ’70 Ford Ranchero with a 429 CU. Inch engine, a ’37 DeSoto that my dad bought new, and a ’81 Lancia Beta Coupe. Come to think about it, Maybe your site could send this old retired school teacher a few shekels. The check is in the mail via PAYPAL.

  2. Dear Matt,
    Let me encourage you in your creation which I enjoy as much as anything else on the net. You have created an unparalleled photo database of what is one of my favorite interests with insightful and witty commentary. I feel you should be writing the “Alfa-corner” type column for $$$ in SCM. But even better than that is your success in your own format where you are at the helm. Here’s my poke-the-pig! Thank you.
    Laurence Anderson

    • Laurence,

      The ‘pledge drive’ was your suggestion -seems to have worked out well. I’d do this for a living if I could, but I think I’m slightly too honest to please enough of the people enough of the time.

      Thank You for you encouragement over the years and help on projects,

  3. Hey Matt- here ya go (…and I don’t EVER contribute to NPR when they do their fund drives). Thanks for publishing an interesting and informative site.

  4. hi I just made a small contribution what is the cost of the tee shirts?
    i love the posts you do and may need to start a thread for the restoration of my ss
    thank you for your hard work

    • Last time the shirts were $20. I may try and go with a higher quality shirt this time and more color options, so it’s not really set at this time.

      If you send me some pictures and the story of your SS I’d be glad to do a piece on it!


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