Market 298: ’55 Sprint project

Update 4/3/11: Bidding reached $10,260 after 19 bids but the reserve was not met.  I was thinking maybe $15,000 or a little more.  While it needs a total restoration, it is pretty complete and runs right now so you could do the job where you make everything work first, use it a bit then restore it once you’ve done your research and know it’s what you want to do.

Originally posted 3/22/11: Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*00668, 1315*00744. Early Sprints like this one, currently at auction on eBay, seldom come up for sale. It is a daunting project, but with matching numbers and basically complete, including rare early aluminum hood and air cleaner, someone will very likely restore it.  Thanks for the heads up on this car Brad!

Small headlights, aluminum hood, probably the early slightly shorter windshield among other things make this a desirable car.  Shame it was let to sit and rot in the New Jersey winter for several years before being pushed indoors.

Script on the door is interesting.  Door fit is great.  I wonder if these are the early style wheels with the thick lip?

Not sure these tail lights would have been original to this car.  Trunk lid fit is good -shame about the rust trying to get out.

Tiny bit of rust repair to do back here.  Even the original trunk lid prop is present.

Plenty of rust to go around.  Someone is going to have some fun.  Paint is said to have been a yellow-green prior to late 70’s silver refresher.

This is a hard to find air cleaner!  Engine compartment looks reasonably complete and original.  I’d love to have a Sprint of this vintage.

The vin for those who care.  Too bad the Bertone body number is not visible.

Scrappy interior is at least all there.  These early cars are supposed to have different seats.

Some of you would call this a parts car due to the rust, and some -most of you in England or Germany would call this an easy project.  I’m just going to call it cool and hope it finds a sympathetic new life somewhere.

Sprint info and register is here.


5 thoughts on “Market 298: ’55 Sprint project

  1. I’ve got #555, and its windshield is the ‘standard’ height, so I think this car will be too.

    Will be a nice car when it’s done, and probably is a viable option for someone…

    • William,

      Thanks for dropping by. How is 555 coming? I remember on the BB when you posted pictures of it in transit from Sweden. My ‘attainable’ dream Alfa these days is an early Sprint -maybe pre-car #2000.

      Interesting to note the windshield is the usual item.


      • Hi Matt,

        Thanks for asking.

        Nothing at all has been done to the body of #555, but I have managed to track down virtually all the missing parts, which has not been (as you’ll know) easy or cheap. Fun detective work though. So things are lined up to get into the car properly once a couple of others are out of the way…

        555 has, while resting with me, assisted in the restoration of Paul Gregory’s #24, with the loan of a few parts Paul was missing, and also as a pattern for the early type of interior fabric which PG has brilliantly managed to organise production of. If anyone has got an early project sprint like #668 above then they should get hold of Paul and get their order in now.

        It’s not known exactly where the transition to the better known early material was made, but the ‘Tony Ranson car’ you’ve written about – #1149 – doesn’t have it.

        Best regards,

  2. What I meant to say about early types of seat material is that the more commonly seen early type – as in #1149 which is mainly unrestored – is different from the very first series of cars, but that the transition point from the blue striped material seen on #24 and #555 to the type in #1149 isn’t known.

    Sorry to be confusing!


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