Market 300: Spider racer project in Florida

Giulietta Spider 10103*171108. This car is on eBay right now out of Florida.  Car would originally have had an 00102 series 1300 engine but auction includes a 00121 1600 Sprint Speciale/Spider Veloce engine and an unnumbered 1600 replacement block.  Price is $23,500 to start and seller expects local pick up only -good luck with that.

Car looks pretty cool.  Door and hood fit is excellent.  I wonder what provenance this has as a racer.

Aaaah.  Dig the yellow chin.  Seller has a penchant for El Camino’s.

The edges of the fender lip are a little rough -not sure if it’s from rolling the lip or bondo.  Wheels are late 60’s 105 items.

What can be seen of the floors looks solid.  I wonder if those side impact bars are welded in?

The business really -a 101 1600 Veloce engine -very likely from a 10118 series Spider Veloce.  This engine in this car is not eligible for a lot of race series’ so you might as well sell it for a couple grand.

A little too much money, but not ridiculously so.  Looking for one of these?


4 thoughts on “Market 300: Spider racer project in Florida

  1. Not that it’s really important, but I think the wheels here are from a 115 Alfa. 105 rims, to my knowledge, and especially those in the pre-1970s era (up to 1971/2?), have 3 little nubs for a regular wheel cover. The no-nub rims I think debuted with the ’74s and their sombrero hubcaps like the ones here.

  2. Interesting Engine! Can’t knock the number but note you get two dipstick holes to make sure you don’t run out of oil! Fine Lucas distributor. bit o’ this & that?

    • all the this and that is neither here nor there except the oil pan and block. I stopped by to bug you about tires yesterday but your door was down…

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