Market 269: Nice Giulia SS in Colorado

Update 3/21/11: This car has (surprise surprise) ended up at a classic car dealer, with a 20% mark up.  See it here at Gullwing Motorcars for $59,500.  Lots of new pictures added to this cars photo set.

Looks good with a proper detail job!

Update 11/17/10:Failed to sell on eBay -reaching $40,544 with 20 bids.  What’s the story you ask?  Well, I think it probably has to do with the rust bubbles in the rockers.  These cars are not trivial to fix when they have rust and based on the pictures chances are this car will need rockers.  There is a pretty good discussion of this on the BB.  The end of the world?  No -but competent replacement followed by at minimum color matched paint will be more than $10K.  Do the math…

Update 11/11/10: On eBay!

Giulia SS 10121*381131, 00121*01052 (now 00112*15918). This car is listed on the Alfa BB as available for discussion and possible purchase if the price is right before it goes on eBay.  The BB post features a fairly comprehensive description and the pictures below.  I assume it will end up on eBay as sellers tend to want the max possible money and that is an unknown number until an auction is run.

Looks pretty good.  Red with gray interior is a nice combo.  Check for dings carefully after seeing it nestled so closely in with all that junk.

Borrani wheels, color matched mirrors and fairly wide rubber give this car an aggressive appearance.

Interior is very nice.

Lower lenses are Euro ambers -I wonder if this is a European market car?

I’m going to assume the seller wants over $50k.  If you’re in the market for a nice red one then this may be for you.


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