Market 253: Spider Veloce driver in SF Bay Area

Update 3/21/11: This car is now listed by the seller in Hemmings.  Price has been reduced to $32,000.  Not a bad deal!

Original post 8/25/10: Giulietta Spider Veloce 10107 1495*10201. This car is available now in the San Francisco Bay Area for $39,875.    The seller has owned the car since 1985 and has been using it since.  Engine in the car is not original and has been recently rebuilt but the original comes with the car.

Looks like a really nice patina on a well loved driver -the perfect compliment to my Sprint -alas I don’t have $40K burning a hole in my pocket…

It takes a fountain in the background, an epic view or a hot chick to turn it into a glamour shot.  I’d rather the chick myself Door and hood shut lines are nice on this car. Wheels look pretty cool.

This side looks good too.  Not much luster left in the paint -again, like my Sprint.  Black mirrors are cool in a purposeful way, but I’d probably go chrome on them.

Trunk fits good as does all the trim.  I wonder if it’s an early six digit blue plate?

I like this series of tail light.  I’d lose the KQED sticker.

Engine compartment needs help.  The ram air idea as explained on the sellers site is interesting, but I think I’d go original and take the .33 hp hit.  Hopefully the original intake bits come with the car.

More patina.  I like the brown racing belts.  I know -they were probably black when new and the sun has turned them brown.

Gauges are almost exactly the same amount of yellow as my Sprint.  Tach was rebuilt -I’d have replaced the plastic ring at the same time.  What can be seen of the steering wheel looks good.

Well, if you have $40K laying around and would rather see it appreciate in the form of a rare and fun to own classic car whose value will track with the Euro then this may be the car for you.  Sure, this car needs more than $20K worth of work to make it a $60K+ car, but taken as the sum of its parts -completeness, use-ability, lack of rust etc- I think $40K is about right.  Maybe I’ll strike it rich and go for it.


5 thoughts on “Market 253: Spider Veloce driver in SF Bay Area

  1. It may be the photo’s but the black mirrors and aluminum wheels sure jump out of the picture. Every owner must please themselves, but for me, I’d replace both with more early period items if I were enjoying, or that matter selling this Giulietta.

    • True that, Brad. Me too. Or at least, if you were going with a different-generation wheel, something Italian, like a Cromodora “star” five-spoke or a Campy. The belts look like they might be old aircraft belts, in which case they may well have been brown all along. Also note his description about the suspension “modfied into uselessness”… reminds me of the Knoxville “Velosh” a few evenings ago; maybe we ARE at a point that even the Frankensteins are worth restoration back to original…

    • Not usually a fan of panasports myself, but so few rims fit a Giulietta I’d deal with them on this car until the restoration was nearly complete.


  2. Awesome I purchased this car today, I am also the owner of one of Al Leakes 57 race cars and I purchased this car to drive around since I love my race car so much :)

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