Market 289: Giulia SS at Hyman

Update 3/18/11: Hyman has added a price to their website.  $175,000!  Yes, that’s right.  SS’s are now officially in the big leagues.

Update 3/10/11: Okay so this is the same car as market 283 -I thought so but wasn’t totally sure.  I guess It’s probably more like $100K.

Giulia SS (anyone know the number?). Andy let me know that Hyman Ltd. has this very well groomed car on offer right now for probably between $60,000 and $80,000.  I don’t know if I quite agree with the sellers assertion that a Sprint Speciale is a car it takes an Italian to appreciate.  I think everyone would appreciate an SS, for the fact that such an outlandish car was ever built if nothing else -whether they like its looks or not.

A nice example in the currently unpopular (because 10 years ago they all had to be) red.  Stance, shut lines, trim, glass -all look great.  Buy and enjoy, or invest and sit on it, either way you end up with a cool car.  Word to the investor:  use it occasionally.  Alfa made cars whose true beauty is felt from the drivers seat rather than shining on the grass in a public park, and driving is maintenance.


Looks pretty good from back here.  Hyman never disappoints where pictures (and asking price) are concerned.

Better, or at least shinier than new, complete with decals and the fancy yellow fuel line.  But can she cook?  It’s an Alfa so probably so.

Clean/tidy/nice/ready to go etc -choose what suits you.  For me it’s all of the above but I’d still lose the red piping.  It’s not a carnival ride… it’s a sports car.

See -even better in original w/out piping.

Not sure how much you can fix with these, but they sure look cool when you’re sitting with your trunk open at the show and shine.

SS’s of the high dollar variety seem to be well represented this season with several in auctions and available around the net.  Buy while you still can or wait for the frenzy to settle?  You decide.


9 thoughts on “Market 289: Giulia SS at Hyman

  1. Same car as Market 283, reportedly sold for $85k, apparently with Hyman the buyer. I’ll bet that the ask is close to $100k.

  2. “Probably somewhere between $60,000 and $80,000” as an asking price was a little hopeful – try $125,000 ono. But then, where are you going to find another Giulia SS of this extraordinary standard and with such exceptional provenance anywhere in the world!

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