Market 294: SS Low-nose 10120*00078 (sold)

Update 3/18/11: The seller sent me more pictures so click on the link below (the vin) to check them out.

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00078, 00120*00029.  I get emails all the time from people with Giulietta’s of all stripe, this is the first Low-nose SS.  Dimitrios in Greece commented on the site then followed with an email with these pictures attached.  I was in the middle of a busy February (11 days in Spain, driving across the USA in a moving van etc) and by the time I got around to writing about this car it has been sold -or at least a hand-shake agreement has been made for its sale.

Early 70’s Spider nose fits surprisingly well.  Wheels are late 101 Borrani’s if I’m not mistaken.  It also looks like the windshield trims, front and back are missing.  I used to have extras.

I guess it could have been worse -they could have tried to put a GT or Milano front end on it.  Should be fun fixing this.  Hood fits pretty well.  I wonder how much of the front end is still in place?

That’s the cool ‘no seam’ style rear edge I was going for with my SS that Richard is now toiling with.  Rear end is in good shape!

Most of the comment: “I live in Greece. Due to the fact that I was general manager of Lancia, Fiat and Alfa Romeo, an Italian car enthusiast and a trader for many classic and rare cars like Ferrari Maserati, Lamborghini and Porsche I was invited to see a described Alfa Romeo from the 50′s. It comes up that the car is an early Alfa Romeo SS and from your descriptions it is one of the 101 pre-production cars. Unfortunately the car confused me in the beginning because the front (nose) has been modified and looks like a Duetto Spider but the rest of the car and especially the rear of it which is original shows that the car is an early model. I also noticed that the rear side windows and the back window are plastic. The story gets even better where the children of the deceased owner have told me that the car raced and won an African rally but not sure which one and when did that happen.
Tomorrow I will have the numbers of the body and the engine (if I will be able to find the engine number) and I will take pictures of it.
Please send me an e-mail in order to post these pictures to you.”

There will be rust.  I see one side spear and one front wheel inner fender splash shield here.  What’s in the box?

Period race seats of some sort?  60’s maybe?  Not one but two fire extinguishers and an ugly steering wheel.


Only a little dirty under the hood.  Looks like build plate is in place.

Correct intake manifold.  Exhaust manifolds look like late 101 1300.

Hello, my name is… under several layers of paint!

So what do we know about these low-nose SS’s?  Well -the first 90 SS’s were supposedly low noses, but of those the first handful had even more distinctive features like aluminum bodies, odd single light rear ends etc, so this is probably one of about 75 – 80 cars that is a ‘standard’ low-nose if such a thing can be said to exist.  That puts it between the SZ and SZ Coda Tronca in terms of production totals.  How many survive?  I have 10 on my register, including this guy.

How much is it worth?  Tough question.  I’ll ask the new owner to give me some idea… I believe he owns another.


12 thoughts on “Market 294: SS Low-nose 10120*00078 (sold)

  1. Wow, cool car, worse has come back from the brink… I think only the first three SS were Aluminum, and only the ’57 #00002 had the horizontal taillamp arrangement. #00001 was built 3 March 1959, and sold 19 March 1960. Later than #00002. So Italian!

  2. Well Matt, I tagged the wrong car as the sole horizontal taillamp SS, I’ll get into my books art work and get you the correct identification. Mia Culpa, please correct my earlier post today,

  3. Well, mabey I didn’t tag the wrong car! The Prototype article in the Giuliettaletta #82 has Guy Sweeten writing that the 30 Ocy 1957 Bertone Turin show, and Milan show have the first horizontal taillamp form. The Geneva 1958 and Monza June 1959 press introduction may well be reworkings of the SAME car with ‘refined’ body treatments! The first numbering may have been changed to #00002! The (#00001?) with horizontal has disappeared.

    • I saw a European vintage racing show about three years ago and in the background in the paddocks was a white SS with two tail lights -one at either corner. It’s out there…


  4. Low Nose SS #00005 is in South Africa and is the last of the 4 with the Aluminium bodies. It has just been sold to an enthusiast after languishing for more than 20 years with a non co-operative owner and is now on track for a restoration in the near future

  5. Hi Matt. Thank you for posting this. First of all this was a great discovery for me and I am very proud that this car did not end up in a scrapyard. The new owner is a great person and a good friend now and I am sure that he will bring the car back to its former glory. I sell classic and exotic cars all around the world and never felt better for a car. Not even when I sold a Lamborghini Miura.
    Some answers to your questions: The wheels on the other side are the original ones, there is rust but it is not as bad as I expected in the first place. The box contained some switches for the wipers and headlights, finally the value of the car can reach and exceed 100.000Euros. Of course the cost of rebuilding the car from this stage will cost A LOT of money.
    I am sure that the new owner will be happy to tell you more but I will leave it with him.
    The best part of this is the fact that as I mentioned earlier the new owner is a good friend now so I hope that someday I will go for a drive with this car.
    You did a great job with this site here.
    I hope that I will find some more cars out there!
    Best Regards

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