Market 293: ’61 Spider Veloce Ex-Carrera Panamerica

Giulietta Spider Veloce 10107*170380. This car is on eBay right now and has been featured on Bringatrailer.  Eduardo (seller) sent me a bunch of pictures you can see if you follow the vin link.  Engine is a later 2 liter and a lot of modifications have been done that make it ineligible for most vintage race series, but with a few creature comforts added this would make a great event car.  Email me of you can’t extract the sellers info from the above links.

Looks like it should for a rally/race car.  Hood is a later Giulia 1600 item, no doubt used to help clear the 2 liter.  The silver lines seen through the grills are the edges of a big radiator.

Fenders have been flared slightly.  Wheels look like the Heinbrand TZ wheels -heavy and strong.  Body on this car is very good.

Yellow cage padding is a little too Ronald McDonald for me, but I doubt it would be hard to go black or some other less festive -makes you uncomfortable so you eat fast and leave the hard plastic dining room as quickly as possible- color.

Proctologically sound.

Quite a tilt to this engine.  Head has studs for smog equipment or whatever so I guess it’s a late engine indeed!

Silver stuff looks to be heat/sound insulation.  Exhaust exits in front of the drivers side rear wheel so maybe there’s a nest of hot pipes under here.  Doesn’t look too far from being plushed-out with carpet for street use.  Maybe add a vintage wood rim steering wheel for your rallying pleasure.

The deal with a car like this is it took many-many hours to get it to this condition/state of tune.  It’s hard work assembling a bunch of non-original stuff into a tight space then getting it all to work well together.  The $35,000 asking price is probably quite a bit shy of what it took to get it here, even if the donor car was purchased when Spider Veloce’s were cheap compared to today’s prices.  Problem is, even acknowledging the money spent, a buyer whose vision this fits must be found -not an easy task.


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