Market 184: project Sprint 02880

Update 3/15/11: This car is now on eBay being sold out of  Michigan.  No new pictures are available.

More information on early style 750B Sprints.

2/2/10: Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*02880, 1315*02671. This car, a 1956, is available right now from the seller of Market 179, another early Sprint project.  Asking price for the pair is about $27,000.  I can put you in contact with the seller if you want to figure out a separate price.

Paint was removed to assess body condition.  Looks fairly straight under the current splotch.  Is that a Jolly beside it?

Hood fits pretty good.  Nose is straight.  Car comes with a grill, windshield and bumpers but no headlight assemblies or any other trim.

Door gaps look good on this side.  There is said to be some light rust in the rockers, around the rear wheel well lips and in the rear valence.  At least there are no large holes.

Back end doesn’t look bad here.  Rear window and trim is present.

Good thing I saved a bunch of pictures of this car earlier.  Here’s the back.  I wonder if that’s the original trunk lid?  Tail light housings look pretty good.

Getting the seats is a good thing.  In the pictures above there is a steering wheel, though it looks like a 101 type.  Floors look solid enough.

Lots of little bits in here to clean up and reuse.  Hopefully the head is good.  Car was originally a column shifter, now converted to floor shift.

The vin plate that tells you the engine and chassis are matching.  Alfa will tell you the engine number for a chassis of this era if you send them an email.  Originally red?

This is a challenging project, not so much because it needs massive bodywork or anything like that, but because it’s missing a lot of little bits that are hard to find.  buying the two cars together is probably the way to go because you could make one good car and sell the rest off when you are done or make the second car into a hot rod.

2009 Sprint market reviews

2008 Sprint market reviews


2 thoughts on “Market 184: project Sprint 02880

  1. I am the owner of 1493*02880 and thinking of restoring it.I have been quated around $40,000.00 for nut and bolt resto.I am not sure that this price is anywhere near what I think will make this car a show piece.Your input is greatly appreciated.

    • Mo Makki,

      Asking how much a nut and bolt restoration is going to cost from a starting point such as you are working with is like asking the exact volume of a big puddle whose depth you don’t know with any precision.
      $40,000 for a nut and bolt seems fairly reasonable -painting that car probably starts at $12,000, engine/trans/driveline/brake etc build probably starts at another $12,000. Chrome isn’t cheap, upholstery, interior details, windows etc can quickly approach $10,000.
      One thing about that restoration is it would probably take 18 – 24 months so the $40,000 is spread out quite a bit.
      I’m going to guess you’re $9000 plus or minus a few thousand into it. If you spend another $40,000 and get a very nice looking, great driving car that you are excited to own and enjoy for years then I say go for it.
      If you are considering the restoration as a way to make money then I would say forget it, sell it to someone else.
      In Europe nice early 750B’s are $50,000 cars sometimes, and maybe they will be here in the US before long- maybe they even are now but I haven’t tracked too many sales.


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