Market 288: blue Berlina in the Netherlands

This Berlina was brought to my attention by Nick in San Francisco.  Great color.  From Google language tools: “Literally found in a barn in Italy. She was then sold them the house was sold. She has four doors. In good condition bright blue car with light gray sky cover. The mileage is 107,785. The car is technically underway. The car will still go to the body shop to go here and there to be updated.”  Asking price is supposedly around 13,000 Euros.

This blue (or a similar one) is more frequently seen on lightweight Sprint Veloce’s.  Pretty good on a sedan.  I like the lack of bumper -looks sportier than usual.

Seats look great.  Very tidy example.

I dig these little lozenge shaped dash pods.  Reminds me of the Fiat 600 gauge cluster.

Looks like a decent deal if you’re in the area.


6 thoughts on “Market 288: blue Berlina in the Netherlands

  1. Very interesting car. Looks like ’57. I don’t entirely agree with the look sans bumpers. The early cars have very shapely bumpers that to my mind complete the appointments nicely. I’d like to see more pics, especially interior. The split front seat is cool. Looks like a nice, seamless, update. Someone should grab this one. All Giulietta collectors should have a sedan.

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