Market 283: Another nice Giulia SS

Update 3/7/11: A regular reader tells me he went to check this car out when the Scottsdale auctions were going on and it was sold for full $85,000 asking price a few hours before he got to the showroom to see it.  Serious money!  I should be back at this regularly for a while -sorry for the interruption… oddly, readership has stayed steady.  Thanks for reading.

Update 1/13/11. This charmer has found its way onto eBay.

Giulia SS 10121*381099, 00121 engine. This car is available now from Brighton Motorsports in Arizona.  Seller claims it took a best of class at Monterey weekends Concorso Italiano in 2010 -if so then a lot of you readers will have seen this car before. The usual “140 surviving examples” quote is in the description, I currently list 224 by vin number and know of at least 30 that I don’t have vins for.  I have pictures of 49 cars too!  No price is stated.

Nice, red, shiny, well fitted example.  This is a great angle for these car!

The back looks as good as the front.  Note Euro amber lenses.

Seller describes the interior as original except seat covers.  Carpet is not original either.  I just can’t do the red piping/black seat thing -but that’s just me.  Otherwise this looks good.

I prefer unpolished/unpainted castings but to each their own.  Again, well done.

Silver is better than the red on yesterdays car, but I prefer black for the filler cap.  Of course, this is among the cleanest trunks I’ve seen.

I’m going to guess $70,000.  If anyone finds out how much, let me know.


2 thoughts on “Market 283: Another nice Giulia SS

  1. Matt as far ad I know I had the only red SS at the concorso this past year. I was parked with all the SSs. So I’m not sure what they are talking about, and an SS did not win in any best in class. Also, I’ve been there for the prior 2 years as well.

  2. hmmm, I had a buddy take and send me over 30 detail shots of this car (motor and interior) when it was at a cars-n-coffee in Scottsdale a few weeks ago. I also spoke to the owner, (initials J.P.) on the phone.

    If you want, Matt, I can send them to you.

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