Market 270: Scrappy runner Sprint project

Update 1/12/11: Back for more on eBay!

Update 12/15/10: 19 bids with a high of $4459.44 left the reserve unmet.

Giulietta Sprint 10102*350206, 00102*30507. This car is on eBay right now out of New Jersey.  Some small stuff is missing but all in all it is a fairly complete and worthy project -as long as the price doesn’t get too high -it’s under $600 as I write.

Nose is busted up but not too bad.  I like this color on Sprints -there is one in my area this color and in person the color suits it very well.

Seller claims the car is rust free except the trunk.  I would be skeptical if it was any other old Alfa, but I know of two Sprints that had rotten trunk floors and no other rust to speak of -mine is one of them.  This car wouldn’t have an ‘airplane’ license light holder.

There’s the rust.  Bill in Oregon fixed my car.  I have a similar lid prop.

Looks all stock.  The carb is being fed via gravity as far as I can tell.  There is a link to a video of it running.

Hello my name is 350206.

Blue interior means the car was probably white when it left Milano -looking at the picture above I am right.  Passenger seat is included.

If you’re in the area and in the market this might be a good car for you.  As always I’d be tempted to make it a runner driver as is before doing anything drastic to it.


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