Market 286: “Structurally Magnificent” 1600 Spider

Giulia Spider 1600 10123*378523, 00112*13849. Fantasy Junction, my local $ports and $pecialty car dealer, has in their showroom now this late 1600 Spider, a good example of why you try and buy a car out of California.  As rust free as you could ask for and priced to match at $44,500.  Their site lists it as ‘sale pending’ so move fast if this is your thing.

FJ always has this angle and for good reason -a handsome car made even more handsome.  Looks good no?

Not bad in profile either.  Door fit is fantastic.

Recent plate by the number.  Trunk fit is magnificent!  Euro lenses…

Odd that they would have this close up of the crooked crown.  Easy to fix thankfully.

Dig the robins egg blue carpet!  Takes years to fade to this color.  Interior here is just right.

How it should be if it’s original.

Even got them fancy clamps still in place on the crossover tubes.  What was Alfa thinking with the one to two to one thing?  Ignition wires look to be original.

No junk to be seen.

Dog tags.

FJ’s write up calls this a perfect blend of original and well maintained and a keeper.  I agree if the pictures can be believed.


2 thoughts on “Market 286: “Structurally Magnificent” 1600 Spider

  1. Proof that ebay isn’t where all the $$$ are… people still wanna see the goods before buying! I’m glad that you’re back at your blog.
    Your fan,

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