Market #7: Giulia SS racer 380352

Update 1/8/11: This car is available again -this time it looks like it’s in Germany.  The asking price is 41,900 Euro’s or a little over $54,000.  The SS’s keep coming!

Makes me wonder if it really is in Germany…

Originally posted 5/13/2008: Giulia Sprint Speciale 10121-380352. Available through Alfaholics for 39,000 Euros, about $60,000 at time of writing. Entire text of the advertisement reads: “Body # 380352. LHD. Body excellent. Engine tuned at 150 BHP. Roll bar. Racing tuned. 2008 FIA papers. Ready for season 2008. This car has done Tour Auto many times. Price: € 39 000. Car is in Paris.” I assume an inquiry would receive a in depth account of the car. Details of the car reveal a decent car was used as a starting point to make a pretty serious FIA racer. I like the lightweight plexiglass windows and lack of trim and if it was a track only car I could live with the interior, but for street use I’d like a little more of a period look on the inside.

Always a nice profile. Wheels are later Sedan or GT items, the cheap way to put more tire under one of these without major body or suspension rework.

I like the external fuel filler. I’m not sure about the extra latches holding the trunk closed, an FIA requirement perhaps?

Roll cage is a bolt in assembly with removable side impact bars, a sensible feature. Rear view mirror appears to be the correct one for the car. Steering wheel looks pretty good compared to what race cars usually have.

It’s not really my place to do anything but admire a seemingly well prepared race car. For my money there are probably less expensive cars that will do very well on the track, but that is probably not a concern for someone interested in this car. I may have to consider just making my SS project into a race car since it would get rid of the need to track down a bunch of rare and expensive parts and apparently not detract from the final value.


1 thought on “Market #7: Giulia SS racer 380352

  1. Matt, the SS if offered by a company in Munich, however the pics show it in Paris (what clue did I use??)
    On the site of the seller are a lot of french cars, still registered there. I cannot find if they have a office in France though.
    With all streetcars it is stated where the car is registered, but since this is a “racer” it is questionable if it still has streetallowance. The small license plate in one of the pics is definitely french though…

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