Market 285: Giulia SS 381347 at Gooding

Giulia SS 10121*381347. This guy, only a little distinguishable from the last two posts will be auctioned in Scottsdale at Gooding’s January 21st – 22nd auction.  The estimate is $60,000 – $80,000.

This picture makes the SS look rather slender in profile.  Very nice horizon reflection along the side.

Yep -that’s what they look like head on.  Grill opening on the drivers side is slightly different than the passenger side.  I’ve seen a few like this -I wonder if it’s a manufacturing thing.

Real black plate?  Odd paint line at the bottom of this rear corner.  I see a lot with blacked out bottom body work.

Good stuff -dark gray or reflection on black?  I like the racing belt.

I had a go around about Giulia SS intakes -there seem to be two periods for the.  Early with a round opening on the cold air box lid and later, like this (and 1600 Spider Veloce’s, 105 GT’s and others) with oval openings.  Clean engine compartment here…

More red SS’s anyone?


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