Market 284: Giulietta SS 00228

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00228, 00120*00627. You may note that this is the fifth SS in a row I’ve found on the market and written about.  Good time to be shopping for a nice one.  This particular car is in Germany at Movendi -“The spirit of classic cars’.  Price is 49,900 Euro’s or about $65,000.

I’m running out of words here.  Nice, red, shiny, well turned out and with its hood slightly ajar.  Cool.

Trunk fit and everything else lines up very well.  Are those 105 bumper lights?  At least there are no extra Alfa badges back here.

Very clean interior here.  No busy piping, no extra unnecessary stuff.  Just clean and right.

A few changes would have this back in as-new condition.  I like the oil change sticker on the filer housing.

Trunk is not usually in body color, but eh, looks good no?

Odd, doubtfully original but charming.

I think this is the 225th SS on giuliettas dot com!


3 thoughts on “Market 284: Giulietta SS 00228

  1. it makes you wonder just how many survive?
    i hear of 140 of the giulietta ss who knows? and how many giulia ss?
    i am thinking of doing a blog on the restoration of my own ss where do you think the best place is for such a blog?
    my car is very rusty but i dont mind disclosing this as this is the sort of car i like!!! when i repair a car its done to last and last, my 101 spider restoration was finished and back on the road in 2003 and still wins concours even though i have driven it to italy twice, spa, in fact all over Europe.
    hope you can help
    kind regards

  2. The car seems to be missing alot of trim pieces including the aluminum trim around the doors that holds the weatherstrip in place. These pieces are difficult to find and fit properly.

  3. Dave, in my opinion to post your restoration “blog” is the AlfaBB. That is the Alfa world most read and visited website. Many members will follow you and give advise on difficult matters when asked.

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