Market 282: Nice original Giulia SS in Belgium

This Giulia SS is offered by Mecanic Import out of Belgium with a current listing on eBay for $56,000.  The seller claims it is has “never received a ground up restoration, but kept in good condition over the years”.  I see some trivial non-original stuff but all in all it looks like a great car.  The fact that it is being marketed to the USA from Belgium makes me wonder if the market is going soft in Europe for SS’s.  If that’s the case we may see a softening here in the US too.  Hmmm.

Nice down-low perspective shot.  Bright stuff looks -well- bright.  Passenger side wiper arm looks a little wayward.

I really like them in white.  This particular white looks a little creamy but it may be an effect of the surroundings.

This really is the view for these cars -especially with a little fish-eye effect to give it a Cyrano feel.  When you stop and look carefully, these cars have a pretty strange light/reflector arrangement.  I see a pair of Land Rovers or some such peeking over the hedge -with curves like this I’d be peeking too.  Uncle Rick will decry the ‘licorice rope’ under the bumper spears -honestly I’m not sure if it’s original.

I’d lose the red on the cap.  Trunk is amazingly clean.  Where’s the tool pouch, spare, jack and all else?  Hopefully included…

Here is where an original car, a really clean original car, stands out.  Nice.  Still has the Pirelli cross-over air tube.  I believe that build badge on the passenger side of the scuttle means this is a German market car.

Isn’t red supposed to make you angry and uncomfortable?  Nice stuff here.  Window washer bag isn’t original.  Someone added a strip of aluminum to the bottom of the door paned -not a bad idea.  The lower door panels in my Sprint are busted up from my sneakers.  Also note the radio blank used in this car.

An angle you don’t see often.  Very nice.

This is the sort of SS I plan on getting someday.  Original, no fuss and clean.  If anyone catches the vin number, let me know.



1 thought on “Market 282: Nice original Giulia SS in Belgium

  1. There’s something amiss with those rear wheel openings; the shape is too “circular”. Rear wheel openings on the Speciales always have a more elliptical shape. Also the trunk floor stamping looks different than SSs I have seen.

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