Market 281: Giulia SS project in France

This Giulia SS is in France and appears to be a better than average starting point.  I think the deal is, they are starting to restoring it and are hoping to find someone to buy it now and choose a color, specification and whatnot.  Whatever the case -it’s good to see these are still coming out of the woodwork.

What have we here… ah, a nice SS project lurking in the shadows.

Tough to tell from this picture where the car ends and the rust begins, but trust me, it does.  Hopefully very close to the edges.

Lets see -one odd rim, bright blue seats, door off -lets get to work!

Doesn’t look to have been abused much except by the cruel hands of neglect.

Number 765.  Anyone?

I don’t see a lot of stuff here (bumpers anyone?), hopefully it’s on a shelf beside the car carefully organized.



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