Market 280: Giulietta SS racer

Marko sent me a link to this race prepped Giulietta SS, available on, with a seller located in Italy.  The asking price is 57,900 Euro’s or about $77,500.  Seems like a lot, but there is no telling what was done to make it a race car.  If anyone knows the VIN for this car, let me know.

The airbrush job on the background is interesting.  Wheels are later small-hole Borrani’s.

Grill looks a little off-center.  Red under the nose is strange, but I guess when there are a bunch of white SS’s on the track, they need to be able to identify it from afar in the pack.

When I see SS’s in this state I have to wonder what the car looked like before it was stripped down for racing.

What’s up in through the windows?

Much easier than restoring it I would think…

This is where the money would be.  No indications in the ad what, if anything, was done to make this racy.


2 thoughts on “Market 280: Giulietta SS racer

  1. Happy New Year Matt,
    Thanks for putting the effort into the site this year. The year end market summary is a great read. Although, I tend to agree with something Andrew Watry said on the yahoo group, I’m more inclined toward buying Giulietta’s than selling. In some future decade my Giulietta’s will be my widow’s assets to dispose of.
    On the Registry London Milan tour last June it was fun to walk up to a small group of Giuliettista’s at a roadside stretch break in southeast France, and find them talking about a car on
    Cao, Brad

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