Market 279: Stripped and ready for action Spider

Giulietta Spider 10103 1713XX is on eBay right now out of Colorado.  Car is stripped to expose all potential problem areas and all in all it’s better than most projects of this sort.  Logistics of getting it home is probably more of an issue than condition here.

Nose has had the typical carelessness bumps, requiring some skill to repair.  Color looks to have been gray.

Nice and with good lid fit.  Trunk seam will be a little thin around the edges for some but I’d run it.

This is pretty good as far as neglected Spider trunks goes.  Most any DIYer with a welder could handle this floor repair.

Lots to disassembles, clean, paint and shelf in here.  Fortunately there’s really not a lot of parts to these cars.

It’s somewhere to start.  The dash edge nosing missing here is hard to find.

It really is amazing how many of these taken apart Spiders there seem to be in the world.  The bidding on this car is at $1825, reserve not met.  I don’t think any less than about $3500 should buy it, but with shipping and the like it may be able to be had for less.  If anyone catches the VIN number complete let me know.


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