2010 Sprint Speciale Market Review

Sprint Speciales are why I started this blog.  Below are the 2010 SS sales I recorded including the sale of my own two cars.  Seems like prices have gotten a little more realistic for middle of the road cars.  Enjoy.

Market 250 was 2 cars, the cheaper of which was SS 10121*380211, quite rusty but with matching engine selling for $6500.

Market 268 was this unidentified and unpriced SS in France.  Lets (generously) call it $12,000.

Market 242 was SS 380956, a rough project for 11,900 Euro’s or about $15,600.

Market 250 was two cars,  the more expensive of which was SS 10120*00413, a fairly complete project selling for $16,500.

Market 198 was SS 10121 380557 sold out of Peru on eBay for $24,100.

Market 267 was this unidentified SS on a German car site.  Was a car I knew from the California Melee.  I’m going to guess $38,000…

Market 191 was this unidentified bluette Giulia SS out of France for $39,700.

Market 269 was Sprint Speciale 10121*381131, an original but with some rocker rust beginning to manifest.  Asking was ‘more than $50K’, realistic was more like $45K, not sure if it’s still available.

Market 271 is SS 10120*00215 out of Italy.  I’m going to guess it would take about $50K to buy this even though I think that’s a little high for what you get.

Market 208 was an unidentified Giulietta SS with an asking price of $53,700.

Market 259 was SS 10120*177423 which sold for $50,000, was shipped to Texas and resold for $55,000 in a quick turn-and-burn.

Market 218 was SS 10121 381349 which sold at a Bonhams auction for about $60,000.

Market 224 was SS 10121 381221, offered out of Austria for $60,800.

Market 170 was a perfect  Spain based Giulia SS for $125,000.

Market 226 was SS 10120 00533, asking price was $250,000, word is it was never actually for sale.

2009 Sprint Speciale market summary

2008 Sprint Speciale market summary


3 thoughts on “2010 Sprint Speciale Market Review

  1. Hi thank you very much, very interesting, i am just starting a project restoration on my 1964 ss it has a long way to go, but will be a top spec car when i have finished it,
    thanks again

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